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The tribulations of modern life are often shown to be the result of shadowy machinations.
Scientists say it's the first time wild animals have been shown to call out their own names.
The ones shown here are widely sold at home and garden centers and nurseries.
Different aspects of these related events are highlighted by different radiation wavelengths shown here in sequence.
The new methodology introduced this year was applied to all years shown.
The previous month's figures, where they are different, are shown in brackets.
Exercise has been shown to help the heart, whereas a lazy lifestyle can be a major risk factor for heart disease.
But the presence of the wattles has long been a puzzle because they haven't been shown to serve a similar purpose.
And yet he had recently been shown new data from a trusted colleague suggesting that low.
Shown here are musicians practicing on period instruments.
New telescopes and satellites have shown us views of the sun that we've never seen before.
There were many parts of the capital city's food culture that weren't shown.
Collections of comics are shown in boxes, and individual issues are shown with their cover art.
He had shown that he could write a clever thesis and select examples perfectly suited to the topic.
Shown are three ways scientists record observations-with photographs, sketches, and notes.
Snap the sides into a fold and cut through the board's interior mesh, as shown.
Since no time traveler has shown up yet-check-out aisle tabloids notwithstanding-no such machine has yet been invented.
We're talking about a mere two decades ago, when all of the objects shown on this page were pretty well unthinkable.
Some of my students want to make a film about our university to be shown during parents weekends and at other events.
They also complain that they cannot get their films shown.
Several studies have now shown that the popular drug causes permanent brain damage.
Even former communists have shown keenness to take part.
Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus, shown in red in this computer illustration.
Marine commanders say that the insurgents have shown less resistance than had been anticipated.
The film has been shown on statewide television and in cinemas.
Choose a site where it can be shown off against dark background or sky.
Human muscle enhancement has already shown considerable success.
Research has shown that not all people learn in the same way.
Volunteers were shown two different patterns, then asked to picture one or the other.
What is more, investigators have shown that gut microbes affect drug metabolism, she adds.
Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving, for instance.
It would be interesting to have these statistics shown separately for elected boards versus appointed boards.
It has even been shown that waitresses who touch patrons tend to be tipped more generously.
The mini size shown here gives landscapes a polished look.
It's not the first time cellphones have been shown to be germ-infested.
But it's not the first time that we've shown bacteria can sense gases.
The timber-frame arbor shown at left covers an outlying patio on the same property, and it is truly spectacular in the daylight.
They also matched the responses given by subjects who were shown the sites for longer.
Shown here are the best adventure cameras on the market.
Part of the answer is probably that not all the negative consequences would have shown up at the time the mechanism was evolving.
Dip a toothpick into red food coloring and then use it to draw lines on the eggs as shown.
The perchlorate is a pollutant that has shown up in water supplies.
There will be two galleries in the footprint of the garage, as shown below.

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