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Menus now are less formal and more fresh, less about showmanship and more about substance.
But it also requires a taste for face-to-face confrontation, and a sense of showmanship.
Brock and the band also seemed flat-out disdainful of anything that smacked of rock showmanship.
It was founded on the idea of psychological processes in relation to humor--not on the latest in gastronomic showmanship.
After all, gayness was synonymous with tragedy and showmanship.
Showmanship plays a big part in achieving that objective.
He practises with an enthusiasm that is matched only by his showmanship.
Idiocy and showmanship masquerading as real science.
It's an honest sign of his quality, for weaker males simply can't keep up the vigorous showmanship for long.
At intermediate levels, ballroom dancers are judged on their showmanship and flair.
Robotic helicopters win points for showmanship, but some situations require taking the office by land.
Others dismiss it as a visually impressive but militarily useless piece of showmanship.
Now they have a coliseum dedicated to public exhibitions of showmanship.
In the novelist he has all the advantages, but also all the defects of one who packs every ounce of showmanship in.
The films have the clamorous energy and showmanship of a traveling circus.
But his long trombone lines were more than trickery or showmanship: they were the melodic essence of his art.
Such charisma, such showmanship, such éclat gave the stock a premium.
In concert, they add considerable showmanship to their impeccable singing and playing.
The whole idea of showmanship and entertainment has totally overwhelmed many aspects of professional sports.
And the secret behind the showmanship is an incorruptible seriousness.
The hospitality industry is built on showmanship and flattery.
Cooper's flair for showmanship and dramatic costumes includes performing in a straitjacket.
The other side, however, will offer a heavy dose of showmanship.
The grill has entered the world of luxury goods, status symbols, showmanship and precision performance.
Much of this had as much to do with his lack of showmanship as his tendency to withdraw deep into the music.
The club focuses on basic animal science, livestock showmanship, and leadership.
Then they showcased their skills in showmanship and horsemanship.

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