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Those two photographs are in the slide show above, along with images showing how his purported picture has been deployed.
Once planted, it'll usually keep showing up in your garden.
Rivets attest to its antiquity, showing that it was manufactured before welding was common.
Great job showing a healthier life style with some interesting flavors.
The area where the announcement took place was surrounded by posters full of photos showing what each team had done.
The traps come with instructions showing correct placement.
It didn't take long to see an increase in the number and type of bees showing up.
It's really mellowed from the crisp green-apple character it was showing last summer.
Their trunks are patchy white and their green leaves simply become dull and drop in autumn, never showing any trace of fall color.
The map will help authorities plan emergency response plans, showing which areas may need to be evacuated.
One highlight is a simulation of the interior of the sun, showing its convection and churning magnetic field.
The position of the words in a sentence is the principal means of showing their relationship.
There is absolutely no impropriety in showing the presents at the wedding reception.
Following are illustrations showing standard ad sizes, along with their dimensions.
Showing real-time chat with collaborators: click to enlarge.
Showing a willingness to learn the language may be more important than knowing the language.
It's a powerful symbol, showing that citizens who walk are equally important to those who have a car.
On her screen, the larger of two whooping cranes flaunts his outstretched wings, showing that he's ready to breed.
But the ocean is showing alarming strains caused by pollution, overfishing, invasive species and climate change.
Take a look at these cute animals showing affection.
They use scientific and historic knowledge to make maps showing where disasters may occur.
If you have studied maps showing world religions, you will know the answer immediately.
Create theme maps showing natural disasters, population density, and other cool stuff.
View a map gallery showing the global distribution of lightning flash density.
They did this by giving them small metal discs while showing them food.
More worrying still is that the genes which confer this resistance are also showing up in bacteria found in other animals.
In the event it proved a nervous moment-there were only two bidders-and whoever acquired it has not been showing it off.
To add to their misery, each day seems to bring a new study showing how vile and dangerous even a whiff of cigarette smoke can be.
The figure is likely to be grim, showing an economy that grew barely, if at all.
Matters have been testy ever since, and the strain is showing.
But the company is now showing some worrying signs of middle-age fatigue.
Its a case of scientists looking to do studies showing adverse impacts of global warming.
They benefited, however, from the strong showing of equities during the savings phase.
Now the frozen conflict is showing worrying signs of thawing.
Indeed, practically every carmaker was showing off some sort of hybrid motor.
Data showing a deleterious effect might well be more likely to be written up and published than data showing nothing much.
When she started to burn out and didn't have the capital to renovate, she began showing the restaurant to prospective buyers.
But in markets showing signs of recovery, low rates might make now the perfect time to buy.
There are also many studies showing that expertise and experience do not make someone a better reader of the evidence.
Framed on a wall in the living room was an old cartoon from this magazine showing two couples at a dinner table.
There is only one reason for not showing there: that you honest- ly and humbly don't believe your horse is good enough.
The agricultural system was fragmented and disorganized, and ignored evidence showing how things could be done better.
My old el-cheapo digital camera is really showing its age.
Drawing on real-world data, his team developed a model showing that hot spots come in two varieties.
But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all.
But a relatively new strategy, targeting a rarely seen portion of the virus, is now showing some success.
Studies are showing that these technologies help reduce hospitalization rates and help nurses provide better care to more people.
View maps showing the overlap between diseases, as well as a map of migraine.
Change is slow and happening where is that chart showing the human influence after taking into account a clean change.
Ongoing experiments in other labs are showing that this idea is credible.
Users would be able to log in to the site and view a map showing illnesses in their area.
Yet, culture delights in showing depictions of the place.
And for the moment, few other universities are showing signs of embracing it for student use.
The project is to give an account of consciousness by showing how the interaction between the mind and the self produces it.
Initially, so he claims, he was inspired by a book showing portrait busts of the pharaohs.
Page after page, the bodies keep showing up at the rough pace of one or two, sometimes three a month.
He has been alternately praised and decried as a cruel portraitist, but he can never be accused of showing mercy to himself.
And in the years before he slipped away, he was notorious for not showing up even when he said he would.
But it was actually my life taking care of me and showing me what to do next.
The royal opted for courtroom glam, showing off a polka-dot sheath dress and satin overcoat.
Without, you know, actually showing him jerking off.
At first there was hesitation about showing the scrapbooks.

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