showerhead in a sentence

Example sentences for showerhead

Admit it, apartment dwellers, you'd have fixed that showerhead by now if you didn't need to search for the right tools.
If this happens, stand directly under showerhead until bathroom microclimate stabilizes.
Install a low-flow showerhead today and begin saving lots of water.
The showerhead has a handle or pull leaver to release the warm water when the user is ready.
Showerhead and faucet efficiencies are measured by the flow rate, specified as gpm.
By using a low-flow showerhead, you reduce water consumption and energy usage to heat the water.
If the bucket is filled near the one-gallon level, your showerhead is working fine.
Replacing a showerhead or an older-model toilet, is a good investment.
Collect all the water that is wasted while waiting for the hot water to reach your faucet or showerhead.
All new homes and commercial establishments must install low flow faucets, showerhead and toilets.
Most faucet or showerhead leaks are due to worn washers which can easily be replaced.
If you're shocked at how much water is used in the shower, maybe you need a low-flow showerhead.
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