shower stall in a sentence

Example sentences for shower stall

Your dog has an affinity for licking the shower stall.
Hot air rises, vents out the top of the shower stall and sucks cooler air in from the bottom.
All accommodations come with private, shower stall bathrooms and electric heat.
The bathroom has a shower stall and is tiled in blue and white.
Each unit has ceiling fans, a patio with plastic furniture, and a small bathroom with a shower stall.
The windowed master bathroom has lovely marble tiles and the second bathroom features a beautiful shower stall.
The prisoner was being escorted to the ground-floor shower stall but broke free and attacked an officer who was escorting him.
Sink, bathtub or shower stall and toilet in working order.
Old shower stall drains and curbs have not been demoed and floor is not repaired.
The only two thickened slab details shown are for an interior wall and a shower stall.
For general purpose use at shower stall or bathtub locations.
Taking a long, hot shower in a typical small shower stall can substantially increase your exposure to chloroform.
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