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Shower the object of your desire with attention and gifts.
He gets up, goes into the bathroom, and takes a shower.
He soon stopped taking a daily shower, and even went to the park to read the paper without putting on a tie.
Fresh from the shower, mirror-primped, stepped my heroine resplendent in her new friend's housecoat.
She wouldn't shower, and she spent much of her time staring into space.
The younger one had been finishing up taking a shower.
Apparently this is better for your skin, but the real boon is that the shower does the cleaning for you.
When a positron encounters its regular opposite, an electron, both are destroyed in a shower of new particles.
Librarians who buy these subscriptions for the use of faculty and students can shower you with statistics.
If he had bothered to shower up before boarding the flight, he might not have been caught at all.
They could not confirm if the warmer would shower first, but said hair would be covered.
And unless you belong to a gym near work, you have no place to shower because biking isn't valued by many companies.
And sometimes a micro meteor shower or solar flare activity wrecks havoc on delicate electronics and effect operations for years.
Anybody who is surprised about the nefarious practices listed here, should take a long cold shower.
But they cannot prevent me from singing it in the shower or selling tickets to my own performance.
The manager hinted, maybe he should shower once a week after hiring the guy.
It's her gesture of coming into the shower and making him feel good, and in doing so, trying to get what she wanted.
Put hand rails in the bathtub or shower and next to the toilet.
Put handrails in the bathtub or shower and next to the toilet.
His graying hair, which hangs past his shoulders, is still wet from the shower.
Eventually the icy haze begins to shower the ground with a light sprinkling of snowlike particles.
Go when it's raining to watch the drops shower through the oculus, the hole in the dome's top.
In microgravity, water from a shower flies in all directions.
He can sleep in his cabin, a suite in the nose of the plane with a shower and two daybeds.
Case in point, his shower heads made from locally sourced eucalyptus or recycled copper plumbing materials.
It's as green as they come-in fact, you'll pump your own water up to rooftop tanks for a shower.
Some of her best ideas come when she's in the shower, so she keeps a waxed pencil there and writes on the walls.
The village would have two community taps and a shower house for bathing.
Drinkable water and toilet facilities are available, but there are no shower facilities.
Stainless corner shower shelves replacing the ones made of stone as the latter tends to break more easily with repeated use.
We dumped our bags in the room, had a shower and went out to dinner.
The school has an indoor and an outdoor packing area, shower facilities, and a hostel-style bunk area for overnight stays.
There is also a plasma television and an oversized shower in each room.
No one need worry about crude gushing out of their shower heads.
The tan looks better on day two, and for best results you shouldn't shower for eight hours after the treatment.
Shower and bath water from a hotel might be re-used in an adjacent office building for toilet flushing water.
Shower before you go to bed, and then sleep on your wet hair.
But he'll continue importing school supplies and shower curtains.
Shower before going to bed, because pollen sticks to your hair and eyelashes.
Taking a shower uses much less water than filling up a bathtub.
The bathtub and shower area accident sequence can be divided into nine parts or scenes.
The study found two thirds of injuries happened in a shower or tub.
To reduce the risk, add non-slip surfaces and grab bars both inside and outside the shower or tub.

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