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Example sentences for showdown

But someone forgot to tell these cubs, and a rare showdown ensues on the savanna.
It was a reminder that a small skirmish in these borderlands could spark a global showdown.
Thus, the best-case outcome is another budget showdown at the end of this year.
The high-stakes copyright showdown affects far more than sheet music.
So it's almost as if you are playing against a larger number of opponents, even if a small number stay in for the showdown.
It'll push everyone over the edge and really set the stage for a much much bigger showdown.
Consider what doesn't happen in the showdown with the partners.
One reason why the debt showdown isn't causing more alarm is that interest rates have been falling.
But having a big showdown over whether to cover costs already committed-to is insane.
The debt-ceiling showdown represents hostage-taking, plain and simple.
He could turn any event into an adventure, a joke, a showdown.
During the debt-ceiling showdown, he was a major proponent of risking a default if he didn't get the spending cuts he wanted.
We're not opposed to a shutdown showdown, but the policy stakes ought to be worth the political investment.
Ministers are confident that the public will side with them in any showdown.
Yet another showdown looms at the end of this month.
The year of gridlock reached a low point in the midsummer showdown over the federal debt ceiling.
Another contest challenged teams to program artificial intelligence tanks and then face off in a robotic showdown.
The warm mix vs hot mix asphalt showdown has begun.
Cyclists are dropping, and the whole bike-versus-car showdown has become a tinderbox.
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