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Example sentences for showcase

Paint shelves and the wall behind them an eye-catching color to showcase books and accessories.
In the living room, they created a built-in display case to showcase art and conceal stereo equipment.
Don't clutter your display by trying to showcase everything.
The idea was to showcase economically feasible ways to reduce the energy use of existing buildings around the world.
Several interactive museum exhibits showcase how your brain responds to its surroundings.
Then there are those who enviously attempt to use the background of his work to showcase their own egotistical worth.
The contest is an opportunity to showcase the varied forms that biological research can take.
They will conduct interviews with artists and showcase their work, and invite artists to post guest-posts.
Find ways to showcase your value-added skills by volunteering your services in organizations on and off campus.
If you are having lunch with him, bring it up and showcase your teaching credentials.
Remember that every social interaction is an opportunity for you to showcase your charm and good manners.
To showcase stolen pieces aids and abets a filthy, violent and illegal business.
There will also be several exhibits that showcase current field research about human ancestors.
US newspapers give cold shoulder to hockey's showcase event.
What better way to showcase a new engine than in an old three-wheeler.
Cruises showcase native crocodile species and on-board naturalists provide a detailed background on the area.
We have won art awards too numerous to list, and the magazine is established as a leading showcase for illustration and design.
Bands who curate a festival do more than hire and showcase their favorite musicians.
Sit back and watch some of the world's best athletes showcase their skills.
Remember to showcase special items in their own space, so visitors don't miss them.
These high-speed introductions to extreme sports showcase the skills and share the secrets of these sports.
Traveler's publishing goals are to find the new, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, and to be an advocate for travelers.
Traveler's publishing goals are to find the new, to showcase fresh travel opportunities, to be an advocate for travelers.
The tournament of tournaments is therefore a showcase of the finest squads from across the continents and hemispheres.
The latter two shops are set up to showcase rural handicrafts and have profit-sharing arrangements with local co-ops.
But that's what the company started with, and an old repertory is presumably the best showcase for an old style.
Publishers will lose a showcase for their wares, which could mean more laid-off editors.
Now those same magazines showcase the whistleblowers who are packing the bosses off to jail.
But the festivities weren't much of a showcase for freedom.
Music was never my artistic showcase of concentration.
GE, which is supplying the project's gas-powered generators, also hopes it will act as a showcase for the technology.
All these films showcase spectacular effects, some more prominently than others.
Reportedly, she's also considering staging a photo exhibition to showcase her own work.
Indeed, the show seems at times to be less of a warts-and-all portrait of a city than a showcase of its best-known attributes.
Two showcase games have announced their schedule for the offseason.
But for politicians, it was also a chance to showcase leadership and promote their vision of government in a moment of peril.
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