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Your primary goal is not to show off your profundity but to demonstrate how effectively you can communicate.
Another way for emerging powers to show off is through sport.
Our employees get to attend parties with billionaires and show off their tango skills.
To show off its telecom engineering chops and showcase next-generation web-applications.
Know all about parliamentary law, but do not try to show off your knowledge.
Remember how when you wanted to show off pictures of your kids, you always reached for your wallet.
So he had this library that's not something you wanted to show off.
The scientist is in to show off some special artifacts and talk to visitors about the wet and dry of oceanography.
It's the first day of this year's field tests, and the researchers are eager to show off their prize pupil.
Locate plants against a dark background to show off flowers, form, fall color.
Show off a vibrant mix of berries, seeded eucalyptus, and flowers in a pedestal bowl.
Its saturated colors show off well in pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets.
Here are four quick recipes that show off milks, both plain and flavored, in all their timeless glory.
Fragrant, white semidouble blooms open to show off their deep lavender-pink markings around yellow centers.
And he defends having given kids from tough backgrounds a chance to show off their skills for college coaches.
Besides giving you a chance to show off your research, the social opportunities are key to building your network.
The interior will still show off the structure's waffle-cut concrete ceilings.
Watch these birds show off their fantastic feathers.
They left the show off by her saying that in six months she would be dead without a liver transplant.
Gain their trust, however, and they will show off their underground treasures with great pride.
Rich people in poor places want to show off their wealth.
Everyone would rather show off than communicate, because showing off is easier.
There's a wintry virtuosity at play, combined with a palpable absence of any need to show off.
On the contrary, many believe they must show off to be taken seriously.
Leader boards and a host of other features allow players to show off their status within a game to their friends.
The owners were trying to show off with all the pictures of famous people.
Her writing is remarkable, but she doesn't show off, nor does she ask too much of our imaginations.
They show off homemade silencers, fire custom-built rockets, and solder their own circuit boards.
She plops down on the floor and starts unscrewing the top of her toy flashlight, eager to show off its innards.
It's a goof, an act of bravado in which they show off for one another.
Here's an ingenious way to show off your favorite literary works.
Features vibrant embroidered team logo that will be sure to show off your team spirit.
Inventors had always flocked to world's fairs to show off their latest inventions.
Every once in a while, the intelligence community opens its cloak to show off some of its tricks.
It was a lame excuse to show off satellite interception capability.
When they're off the field, many of them don't really know what to do, and try to show off.
But if he tries to show off his ability to get toys to his friends she may refuse simply to teach him respect for his parents.
Given a chance to show off her flair for comedy, she demonstrates that she too is capable of precise effects.
Hazel's dress was fashionable and a bit too tight, as if to show off her figure.
The zoo stays open late to show off more than one million holiday lights.
Below are several video clips that show off some of the intriguing animal spawning displays seen within the sanctuary.
Below are video clips that show off some of the colorful, unusual, and impressive fish of the sanctuary.
He would fly around and show off his beautiful feathers.
Below are links to several video pages that show off the spectacular variety of life within the sanctuary.
Cowboys and cowgirls show off their riding skills at the many rodeos held each year across the state.
The toughest cowboys in the world show off their skill in action-packed events that will entertain the whole family.
Advertise, have large sales or organize events to attract attention to your district and show off your efforts.
Daisy plans to show off her percussion-activated, laser-sighted, anti-bomb weapons for onlookers.
There will also be a number of contests throughout the day where people can show off their culinary skills or sheer craziness.

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