shovelful in a sentence

Example sentences for shovelful

Add a shovelful of dirt or finished compost to the tumbler.
Only a step away, a shovelful deeper, perhaps there is high rich count.
Typically, once things were going properly, a shovelful of coal had to be added every half hour.
With the last turning, shovel the entire sample into a conical pile by depositing each shovelful on top of the preceding one.
While turning the sample the last time, deposit each shovelful on top of the preceding one to form a conical pile.
Place each shovelful so that the material spills over the cone equally in all directions to mix the sample.
With a square point shovel obtain one shovelful of material near the top, middle and bottom of the stockpile.
Obtain a large shovelful of material by channeling up the length of the middle third of the slope.
The first shovelful of dirt is moved as the water project is kicked off.

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For me the task's to learn the many times When I must stoop, and throw a shovelful....... more
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