shoulder strap in a sentence

Example sentences for shoulder strap

Try a woven cloth bag with a shoulder strap, sort of ethnic, hippy style.
If you have a lot more stuff, you get a duffle back or trendy briefcase with a shoulder strap.
Look for a padded shoulder strap if you opt for a bag without wheels.
Bundled nylon carrying case features a shoulder strap that can also be attached directly to bike.
She's wearing a silver lame dress held up by one shoulder strap.
Carrying options include handle, padded shoulder strap, or rear strap to slide over luggage handle.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap or handle.
Carrying options include thick shoulder strap and secure belt strap connection.
The bag features an interior zip pocket as well as leather handles and a shoulder strap.
The split shoulder strap slides over the carry handle when not in use.
Excellent internal frame, shoulder strap, and overall external construction.
Its removable shoulder strap doubles as a compression strap when not in use.
Thick ergonomic curved and padded shoulder strap allows you to sling it over your shoulder.
The broad shoulder strap is fully adjustable has a floating pad to keep you comfortable when toting a large load.
The material is tough and the shoulder strap frees my hands up to carry skis and poles.
There's a leather handle as well as a shoulder strap.
The pack is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap which facilitates carrying and towing under certain conditions.
Hold on to your pocketbook when using the shoulder strap.
Shoulder strap suspension system for carrying can be stowed under cover flap.
Proper use of the seat belt and shoulder strap is important.
Includes a rugged, soft-sided carry case with shoulder strap.
The unit can be carried on a comfortable shoulder strap or a hand carry strap.
The clasp on the shoulder strap is defective and can fail, allowing the amplifier to fall and pose a risk of injury to consumers.
The shoulder strap should cross the collarbone and fit snugly.
Features zippered storage for adjustable shoulder strap.
For those occupants who are required to wear seat belts, both lap and shoulder strap must both be worn.
Full color graphic nameplate is included to display logo or message, along with a soft carry case with shoulder strap.
The manually operated model is fitted with a hand crank and shoulder strap for carry across the field or small plots.
It raises them up so the seat belt and shoulder strap restrain them in the right places.
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