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Winter hustling shoulder and heft: salt lick, brine spring.
But in turtles, the ribs grow over the shoulder blades and fuse to form the upper shell.
Apply a complete fertilizer when the first pods set, again when plants are shoulder high.
It did what it was supposed to, it healed my shoulder pretty well.
If some players appear smaller this season, it could be a result of the shrinking of their shoulder pads.
It's worth trying, though, if only to make them look over their shoulder occasionally.
She would look worriedly over her shoulder and then move away some distance.
The red shoulder patch on red-winged blackbirds provides an excellent example.
They always draw boldly from the get-go, using both their shoulder and arm, rather than merely the hand.
With each stretch, swing a little higher, until you reach shoulder height.
Storm into shoulder season with these nine out-the-backdoor escapes.
We're talking about a touch on the shoulder or elbow, a firm handshake.
Rotator cuff repair is a type of surgery to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder.
Whether or not you shoulder your share of the work matters.
Parents are left to shoulder far too much of the burden.
He was thrown against a stone wall that ripped his right arm off cleanly at the shoulder.
Given that path, he said, the left shoulder blade and the muscles around it would have been damaged if the arm had been down.
It was the last bit of a boned and rolled shoulder that was retrieved from the freezer.
Although he had to ask his teammates to put on his shoulder pads and tie his pants, he didn't need much help on the field.
Carrying options include handle or thick shoulder strap.
Today, we'll see how cheap and easy it is to turn a military surplus shoulder bag into a stealthy, knockabout camera carrier.
My neck hurts, and there's one point on my left shoulder blade that really hurts.
It's not pleasant to watch the smiling and shoulder rubs.
Carrying options include handle, padded shoulder strap, or rear strap to slide over luggage handle.
Artificial ostrich plumes rise five feet above sequined shoulder frames with a train of white net streamers.
Goats and pigs scramble out of our way, seeking safety on the shoulder of the road.
He gazes over his shoulder at two half-clothed maidens kneeling behind him.
Micro-suede shoulder patches add extra reinforcement against wear from pack straps.
Plant batches of them shoulder-to-shoulder in a pot for three weeks of portable spring color.
The key is a single ligament tying the upper arm to the shoulder joint.
Shoulder-length hair and patent leather party shoes complete the ensemble.
Tour group members wearing headphones stood shoulder to shoulder with their guides speaking into wireless microphones.
The gentleman hurriedly fired, and planted a ball from his rifle not in the tiger's shoulder but in his abdomen.
He had the courage and integrity to openly state his beliefs and the guts to shoulder the consequences of his actions.
The lynx flashed past, his fuzzy rear vanishing into the trees, though he did pause to throw one gloating look over his shoulder.
Rubber boots flapped around his skinny legs, and his double-breasted coat was ripped at the shoulder.
Weakness of the shoulder may cause difficulty moving your arm.
The deltoid muscle of the shoulder may show signs of muscle atrophy.
Mosquitoes are much less of a problem in the shoulder season, and cruise ships offer more discounts or deals on tickets.
Poets envisioned him as a handsome interloper from the east, with a shoulder blade made of ivory.
The gladiator is shown wearing light leather armor over his left arm and shoulder, his neck, and the back of his head.
Ahead of our left shoulder is the urn in which the oil is awaiting the sanctifying miracle.
Pound nails, build concrete block walls, and spread gravel while working shoulder to shoulder with the future owner.
He had been found on a road, with a separated shoulder and his knee gashed open to the joint.
Onlookers admire a shoulder-mounted flame instrument and its scantily clad fire player.
The seats filled up quickly, leaving a scrum of spectators standing shoulder to shoulder in the back.
Troops can hook on a pint-sized gripper arm, with a rotating shoulder.
They showed activity in the elbow and shoulder areas of the motor cortex respectively.
The new president has little knowledge or experience of the world or of government, and has evident chips on his shoulder.
They typically shoulder the costs without realising it.
And economists must shoulder a further portion of the blame for quite another reason.
The consumer has to shoulder some of the blame, but not all.
In that sort of environment even a big theropod would constantly have been looking over its shoulder.
Who lets another sit on his shoulder will soon have him on his head.
Now he got his shoulder and knee up, and again he seemed to slip back until only his head was visible.
And thou must ride at his left side as shield on shoulder rides.
The house was crowded with uniforms and shoulder-straps.
When he came and put a hand on her shoulder she turned and let her body fall heavily against him.
Your favorite coffee shop is crowded with harried people, and you are standing shoulder to shoulder in a slow-moving line.
They're happy to see you, ride around on your shoulder, jump up on your lap and cry out with little squeals when upset.
She tried to pull over, but she couldn't see the shoulder.
Shoulder restraints failed, allowing the crew's upper bodies to move as the cabin spun out of control.
Without such waivers, many graduate students may have to shoulder an increase in the cost of their education.
She wore it shoulder-length, and had a huge variety of fantastic, funky hats.
Bat at bugs on a table to rehabilitate arm and shoulder movement: the bugs actually appear only on a head-mounted display.
While you were watching something happen down around her waist, something else was happening on her shoulder.
He based his design for the hinge-and-pivot mechanism of the boat's wings, for example, on his observations of the human shoulder.
He is more than six feet tall and in the past three years has gone from shoulder-length hair to a shaved head.
It was mysterious and my alchemist-muse didn't want anyone looking over her shoulder.
He is strikingly handsome, with large brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair.
They looked the same as when on the job, each bombing through the city with a bag slung over one shoulder.
Then he grabs a slim paperback off a shelf and hurls it at my shoulder.
She put one hand on his shoulder and knelt in the snow beside the den.
His dark hair, long enough to cover his shoulder blades, is bound in a ponytail.
He places his hand on my shoulder in a gesture of healing.
When shopping for ham, be aware that smoked pork shoulder is available partially or fully cooked.
They are delicious when braised with rich meats such as short ribs and pork shoulder.
Seven-plus pounds of pork shoulder is both majestic and humble.
On top of the ramekin she sets a skinless half chicken or a hunk of lean pork shoulder.
He repeats himself for emphasis, and then-ever the showman-jumps to his feet, smiling at me over his shoulder.
Shoulder to shoulder, they fail, the quail of her actual and the quail.
He was trying to fire a rocket-propelled grenade from a shoulder mount, but it kept slipping off his shoulder.
Pulling off onto the soft shoulder, he felt a certain resistance from the undercarriage.
The neckline was asymmetric, and one strap seemed to have slipped from the shoulder.
She helped make pants and shoulder pads much more acceptable and chic.
Both legs below the knee and the left arm at the shoulder.
Grabbed his shoulder or arm, squeezed the muscle against the bone.
She burst out laughing and pulled onto the shoulder.
When he reached the bottom of the hill, he took off his suit jacket and flung it over his shoulder.
The coincidence allowed the doctor to obtain a rare human sample from the area of the shoulder operation.
By the time they become adults, their skulls are as big around as the dogs' height at the shoulder.
Birds, for example, fire some of their shoulder muscles in much the same pattern as reptiles.
Six fragments of the carved ivory, including all but the left arm and shoulder, were recovered.
Stand at an angle to the water, your feet apart at shoulder width.
The shoulder of a bat starts rotating upwards before the wrist, which move up before the fingers.
Additionally, why are seats aligned shoulder to shoulder.
The good bugs might supplant the bad, and our existing drugs might once more be able to shoulder the load.
With government cameramen filming over his shoulder, the official did his best to act as if he were merely upholding the law.
While marching confidently forward into a better future, it was constantly glancing nervously over its left shoulder.
Her shoulder-length chestnut hair and bangs have been salon-styled to perfection.
The simple business of betting is of course ignored with a disdainfully turned shoulder.
He wandered aimlessly around the field in uncontrolled, shoulder-shaking sobbing.
Legs swing upward-one hitched across her shoulder and the other planted on the table.
Colin shouted over his shoulder at the other couple.
Her purse was hanging by a long strap over her shoulder.
But that's a crushing burden to shoulder, too much by far to wish on anyone.
Later he found other quick movements of deceit: part of a hand shrug, the brief lift of a shoulder.
You're walking down the street, and someone accidentally bumps into your shoulder.

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