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Example sentences for shotgun

It was clear to the birds that if two went into the barn and one came out, somebody was still inside with the shotgun.
When he's done riding shotgun, he takes a nap in the back.
It reminded me of using a shotgun to open a can of peaches.
My question was whether this would be a shotgun approach.
For example, they seem to have understood the range of a shotgun.
But it's been a shotgun affair, more lucky than accurate.
The one who hid a shotgun in a guitar case and three handguns in his coat.
Some security guy at the airport actually joked it was a shotgun.
It helps to make choices about when to smile and keep quiet and when to let people have it with both barrels of the shotgun.
These dogs were showing no signs of aggression, but might have met up with a over zealous shotgun due to their powerful presence.
We have this idea that main courses should always be a big hunk of animal, some kind of sauce, and some vegetables riding shotgun.
The only official presence was a single security guard cradling a shotgun and dozing in a chair.
Moved from the shotgun to a duplex apartment to a house.
The feasting lasted all day and late into the night, as did the shotgun fire.
Now she says she will probably have to lie under a train, or shoot her legs off with a shotgun.
We watched, helpless, as a policeman raised his shotgun and calmly shot him in the back.
Tells how they once spent a drunken afternoon shooting an oak bookshelf in the writer's apartment with a shotgun.
People showed me mobile-phone footage of armored trucks accelerating into people and held up shotgun and bullet casings.
The powerful blast of a nearby shotgun brought me to my feet in a hurry.
However, you might want to invest in a shotgun and chainsaw.
At best this might be a shotgun marriage of convenience or necessity.
There's also the motorcycle rider, decapitated in an accident, who arrives on a gurney with his head riding shotgun.
Busts, bail-outs and shotgun sales are redrawing the banking map faster than you can say collateralised-debt obligation.
The shotgun approach that is widely deployed defies logic as it surely suffers from the lack of a scientific base.
We didn't have to use non-lethal shotgun rounds to subdue our detainees.
Many were spotted red from shotgun blasts fired by wranglers in planes.
Shotgun blasts have been fired through his office door.
Suddenly the silence was broken by the boom of a shotgun.
There was also some paramilitary training: how to handle a shotgun, how to clean a gun.
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