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The rebels shot them if they did not hand over their crops, and government troops shot them if they did.
The reporter makes a half-court over the back, no looking basketball shot.
But a heavy crosswind can throw off even the surest shot.
However, polio is endemic, so make sure you've had your adult booster shot.
Army investigators said the soldiers had shot him in self-defence.
The sun,the moon and stars must have aligned to get this shot.
The gazebo pictured above and at right was shot from two different angles, but you get the idea.
It's no guarantee, but better than a shot in the dark.
They set their mobile home on fire and apparently shot themselves as the police closed in.
If you're being shot at, you could do worse than diving into a swimming pool.
The medium-close range shot at left shows what appears to be a window behind the bench seat.
Here are some of our favorite critters that the shuttle gave a shot at space.
He was on set for every shot and, as a result, now has a thriving consulting business.
For an extra boost during the growing season, give plants a shot of water-soluble fertilizer, diluted according to directions.
Now yet another company wants a shot at reviving the dying medium in the new digital fashion.
However, in any marriage it is a long shot that both partners will be completely satisfied in their vocational arrangements.
The light, focus and sheer beauty of this shot is stunningly beautiful.
When a viewer apprehends what is being communicated in a shot or a series of shots, they blink.
They wiggled out, pushed open the door and shot toward the light.
Pruners with rotating handles are for people who do hours of pruning at a shot.
Would it matter to you, if someone shot you, whether they did it for fun or for survival.
Fortunate he wasn't shot on the spot, he accepted terms.
Email us a picture of what you're growing, and don't be shy-include a shot of yourself too.
The fact that you got the anti-viral shot should help.
Pot shot plays on the market mean zilch, thus, exclude them.
Starting with her photo of a red beetle, she overlaid a shot of a concrete wall to create the textured surface of the final image.
But those doggie faces peeking out the windows in the above shot caught my fancy.
McNaughton shot the secretary, who died five days later.
Clicking the image at the start of this post will show you a screen shot of all the commands in this post.
However, the news is not all doom and gloom by a long shot.
It always amazes me how much preening and fluffing goes into a single shot.
Before you even check in, pour yourselves a shot of tequila from the hospitality tray.
There are two types of flu vaccines: a flu shot and a nasal spray-type vaccine.
But this would not protect it against a sufficiently large detonation nearby, or a cloud of pellets shot into its path.
One high pitched shot after another rings out, erratically but quickly.
O my mind there is no comparison between sport with the rifle and sport with the shot-gun.
One showed by its behavior how little an ordinary shot pains or affects these dull-nerved, cold-blooded creatures.
The rebel captain then shot him-but at the same instant he shot the captain.
For all the circling watch of her sister ship, the submarine-if still he lives-may get in a shot at the standing target.
In other words, it probably wasn't about the money shot.
She shot four of the five of them, and killed three.
The campus buildings went on lockdown shortly after the officer was shot.
Adjuvants and other ingredients of the shot are dangerous.
But the original one-shot protocol may not be as effective as the newer, two-dose regimen, new research suggests.
It will investigate, among other things, whether adding a booster shot later in life provides added protection.
The rigid pre-shot routine is believed to accentuate the shift to cerebellum control and away from conscious cerebral control.
Rather than block bullets, however, the vest is designed to simulate the feeling of being shot.
Every so often a critter takes a shot at making headlines.
When it comes to radical energy solutions, an extreme long shot is a nuclear power scheme that would combine fusion and fission.
The gist of a lot of the posts seems to be it's a long shot but more power to them.
Pro basketball players are much more likely to try another three-point shot after making one than after missing one.
Well if she is a third grader you have a shot, other wise.
It was supposed to be the cover shot, but events foiled the plan.
Not only does it do away with the whole matter of focusing a shot, but it also turns photos into playthings.
Demonized as dangerous predators, they were routinely shot.
After that, there will be a window of seven to eight days in which a shot will be possible.
The idea of remaking it shot-for-shot seems both preposterous and futile.
But please, always make sure you watch the shot after you strike the ball.
Lucky for me, they showed a quick screen shot of their data.
And the pressure-cooker models are definitely appealing, since they allow you to make rice and beans in one shot.
And it's shot through with the pleasant flavor of overripe bananas.
It gives you a better shot at the features you want in each.
Dark alleys shimmer with multicolored silks, shot through with gold thread or spangled with sequins.
Everybody wants to send their best piece in, but taking everyone's best shot is not exactly how you put a magazine together.
His journalism was shot through with this quality, enriched by it.
My first sharpie flushed wild, which means too far away for a shot.
He didn't think about his chances of being shot down.
But the exact pattern of movement that translates into a perfect shot can vary among players.
Or simply find something to balance your camera on, for that especially tough shot.
For three days they shot from cars while snipers shot from rooftops.
These protocols all treat quantum cryptography as a single-shot process, as if the equipment is used only once.
If you happen to have a little computing power to spare, why not give it a shot.
Before he left, however, he decided to take a shot at turning the sports-ranking system he'd developed as a hobby into a business.
This, as with all ground breaking ideas, needs the space to breath before it gets shot down.
Shooting a basketball underhand gives your shot far better arc and spin.
With so much data at their cursor-tip, the photographer-and the viewer-can change the focus of the shot with a simple click.
After all, it's a transit of two human spacecraft across the face of a star and a pretty spectacular shot at that.
She said she could take care of her diabetes herself and added that she had been injecting a single shot of insulin a day.
So it's not a single shot as was originally inferred, but rather a composite.
Go ahead, order that latte with a double shot of espresso.
It would be the cheapest option in any panel worthy of blind testing and would have a reasonable shot at winning.
It runs the length of a two-story warehouse, and the action was filmed in a single shot.
He was in space when he took this shot, so there is no up or down.
The dramatic sunrise colors really make this an incredibly beautiful shot.
But it should be considered a warning shot rather than a moment for panic.
Learning how to position her torso so that all those parts were lined up for a straight shot down took about two weeks.
Let the amateurs give it a shot if it's already written off.
Fighting leukemia may soon become as easy as getting a shot.
And, of course, everybody thinks that these people were going to be shot at dawn.
He shot fast particles at a thin film of gold and observed the way the particles bounced back.
Finding out where a picture was taken-a picture plastered on millions of computer screens-seems a shot away.
Serious side effects usually begin within a few minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot.
If a severe allergic reaction occurred, it would be within a few minutes to an hour after the shot.
Be ready for the flu season by getting your flu shot.
The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu shot each year.

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