shortsighted in a sentence

Example sentences for shortsighted

But dismissing the book on those grounds alone would be shortsighted.
Those are the forecasts that will make you look shortsighted.
If anything, global culling or birth control are rather shortsighted solutions themselves.
Please do your own research before your next rant, lest you be the one who is shortsighted.
Without an overarching strategy, it's no wonder that so many tactical decisions have been shortsighted or outright contradictory.
Such a reduction seems nonpresidential, shortsighted, arbitrary.
It is really shortsighted to blame the car for the source of electricity.
It's fairly shortsighted, selfish and counter-intuitive.
To say that religion and science can never be reconciled is arrogant, shortsighted, and foolish.
These are simple, shortsighted vote-seeking measures that will benefit a small group at the cost of the economy as a whole.
Such heavy-handed attempts to shore up the regime seem to work for now, but they may be shortsighted.
The nation's production-obsessed, scandalously shortsighted nuclear weapons industry is virtually under siege by its critics.
It would be shortsighted and cost ineffective to cut back on this investment.
But focusing on such short-term savings is horribly shortsighted.
Since they're evolutionarily shortsighted, we'll look ahead for them.
Both those drawdowns are now almost universally regarded as having been unsustainable and shortsighted.
It's shortsighted, and frankly it's a dereliction of duty.
To proceed with this new tax would be both shortsighted and harmful.
It would be shortsighted, at best, to believe that the grade configuration of a school does not affect programs and practices.
Curtailing these critical investments is remarkably shortsighted, especially when lives are at risk.
It would be shortsighted and irresponsible to understate the importance of either.
It would be shortsighted, however, to limit national attention to the needs of government alone.
But it would be shortsighted to think either side can simply put peacemaking on hold until the current upheaval is done.
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