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Example sentences for shortly

The edible portion of the installation, shortly after installation.
Hummingbirds were the first to show up, followed shortly thereafter by sparrows and finches.
Shortly afterward, the hen gets an urge and climbs into the nest box.
Submissions will open shortly as the site is currently under construction.
The lesser poems, if only because of their doubtfulness, may be dealt with more shortly.
But his taste is still medieval: romances of the old kind were shortly to go out of fashion.
The other touch fibers, shortly after entering the spinal cord, terminate in the dorsal column or intermediate gray matter.
When the palm itches, it shows that a present will shortly be received.
For more information, please fill out this short form and an account manager will be in touch with you shortly.
We will shortly be adding a former hospital librarian to our staff.
Shortly after publication, however, the checks started arriving.
For student borrowers, the consequences of defaulting on their loans shortly after leaving college could follow them for years.
Shortly after his interview, my husband received a job offer and requested a month to make a decision.
From shortly after breakfast until almost dinner, they sat around tables, drinking wine.
Shortly after you move away from the entrance, you're propelled upward at high speed by the linear motor.
But things heated up again shortly thereafter as scientists and bloggers began criticizing the research.
He died, apparently of bullet wounds to the head and abdomen, shortly before sunrise the next day.
They found that cell growth slowed shortly after exposure to the toxin.
As far as they recall, their personal histories ended shortly before the onset of their disorders.
Which suggests comets deposited water on the ancient moon, shortly after its formation four-and-a-half billion years ago.
It will surely get fast and accurate outcome shortly.
The menthol smell goes away shortly and gives hrs of relief especially after a hot shower when it can get into the open pores.
Shortly after news of the game went viral, bloggers revealed the discovery to be a hoax.
In the third, the shot missed, but he died shortly afterwards from an unrelated cause.
In various parts of the world, such buildings have been completed, or will be shortly.
Shortly before the sale, the manuscript was put on display.
The one exception was the dining-room set, which my parents bought shortly after they were married.
Lazar had called to say that he would be on his way shortly.
If it's cloudy or less than spectacular, you'll get a second chance shortly after maximum, on the following night.
Temperatures would have dropped, plants would have starved for light, and the rest of the food chain would shortly have followed.
Shortly after this evaluation, agency officials decided to stop funding the studies.
Shortly after dawn, he and his crew fan out across a ridge.
They kept telling me to call back later, it should be in shortly.
The message was left shortly after last week's spring equinox, when this legend gets attention.
It is this sort of failure which brought the machine to its knees shortly after commissioning, over a year ago.
However, shortly thereafter the axle shifted and the disc brake started rubbing against other parts.
Shortly afterward, the red star that the communists had placed on the spire of the building was removed.
Shortly thereafter the conference organizers pulled down the live feed.
So we're going to head out there shortly to talk to the police.
Probably they were obvious to someone else, and were in development shortly thereafter or when other pieces came together.
They would post meeting points online, then change them by phone shortly beforehand.
Space will come crashing down on itself in a blistering frenzy and the universe will begin again shortly after.
My beloved husband collapsed shortly after our return to the city.
The unborn would simply die in the womb or, if born, expire shortly after delivery.
Shortly before his suicide, the company had stopped financing loans that clients had already paid for.
The cracks in the marriage that were shortly to become fissures were beginning to show.
What happened shortly after the speeches was also unprecedented.
Back home shortly after noon, she has no time for lunch.
Though the germ of that idea would form shortly, not long after the war ended.

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