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Example sentences for shortfall

One aid shortfall that the film focuses on is provision of latrines.
We'll take profits today and use future income to cover the shortfall.
The economic shortfall can not be continued as or credit line is becoming unsustainable.
There is no reason to think that more sugar cane will not be grown to make up for any shortfall created by plastics production.
It's not the biggest reason for the shortfall, but it is a genuine reason.
The pitchers make up for this shortfall by harvesting nitrogen from the flesh of animals.
There is moral cost in the shortfall between the professed ideal of equal opportunity and the reality of rising inequality.
The longer the investment shortfall lasts, the more damage it does.
But check out the how the budget shortfall looked after the housing bubble popped.
Some economists chalk up the jobless recovery to a demand shortfall and end the discussion there.
Slip him or her some bills to make up for the shortfall you've calculated.
Military spending cuts would have to be deep, and still wouldn't cover the shortfall.
Neither is it likely that the country will be able to cover the shortfall by further borrowing.
If your college does not pay taxes, then the rest of us have to make up the shortfall.
Within each program, decisions would be made about how to cut costs to meet the budget shortfall.
Until quite recently he was saying that he was not even sure there would be a shortfall, despite the cuts he had demanded.
Her argument is that the reason unemployment remains high is the persistent shortfall in aggregate demand.
To make up the funding shortfall, courts are imposing higher filing fees on litigants.
They invited private investors to make up the shortfall.
There are lots of things that might trigger a demand shortfall.
Digital revenues, though rising, are not making up the shortfall.
Such a shortfall would seem to require a period of catch-up.
In the short term, those with strong balance sheets-the net creditors-need to be working to fill the shortfall in global demand.
So the detail needed to determine the source of a shortfall is not available for some time after the level of receipts is known.
They fail to understand that methodology and debt-limit votes are far less important than our irrefutable budget shortfall.
The results of a growing number of studies suggest that even a modest vitamin shortfall can be harmful to your health.
Political discussion of this shortfall usually focuses on trade agreements and exchange rates.
Increasingly, fish and shrimp farms are filling the shortfall.
To make up the shortfall, the body draws on the excess cholesterol found in the blood.
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