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Court granting, a motion to shorten time for notice and hearing.
Increasing the number of speeding electrons would drastically shorten the lifetime of a typical satellite, the team calculates.
As days shorten, lengthening shadows seem to swallow every thing north of walls and trees.
Shorten long shoots by a third to a half, and remove any crossing branches.
Incorrect installation can also shorten the life span of an appliance.
The translucence doesn't harm the goldfish or shorten its life span, he added.
As telomeres shorten each time a cell divides, the process contributes to cell aging.
One way to shorten the refractory period is to be aware of what triggers our various emotions.
If your master's thesis is good, you should shorten it and submit it as an article somewhere so it counts.
Job sharing goads employers to hire by offering them a pile of cash if they shorten the work week.
But freeing the professors would shorten the road from whiteboard to marketplace.
Stimulus may somewhat ease the pain of a recession, but it is at best an expensive palliative, not a way to shorten the illness.
Some people welcome poetry anthologies, for they shorten the task of choosing what to read.
Being always at close quarters with his readers, a journalist must shorten and sharpen his sentences, or he is doomed.
In an efficient market, you would expect that debt would shorten up.
In the end the bombing campaign did not shorten the war.
To shorten the food chain is to pull it close, close enough to put a face on one's food and a familiar place on one's plate.
Their main use is to draw the arytenoid cartilages forward toward the thyroid, and thus shorten and relax the vocal folds.
Sighing was supposed to draw blood from the heart, and so shorten life.
These moments of uncertainty were already so painful, he desired only to shorten them.
Not only can they shorten an individual's life, but they can turn it into an undesirable partner.
Engineers are also finding ways to shorten recharging times.
In light of this, he wondered if there wasn't some way that computers could help shorten the drug discovery process.
Many don't transport oxygen as well as normal hemoglobin and shorten the life of red cells.
Plastic bags however, are too thin to use this length, so they need to shorten them to make them thinner.
It also required the labs to shorten the time they would need to return to testing.
If you tighten a string, cycles shorten as its pitch rises until it snaps.
Each time a cell divides, the telomeres of its chromosomes shorten.
If they shorten too much, no further division is possible.
Retailers have also tried to shorten the ordering cycle, so that manufacturers end up carrying more of the risk of managing stock.
They have caps called telomeres on the ends of their chromosomes, and these caps shorten after each cell division.
By pushing heels up, such shoes in effect shorten the calf muscles.
The easiest way to lower the cost of education to shorten the amount of requirements for the program.
Whether this was because hours shorten, wages fall or low-paid jobs displace well-paid jobs, they could not tell.
They also wanted to shorten contracts and let teams end them before their expiration.
As hospitals become busier, the waiting list will shorten.
Army historians reckon that it was one of the developments that helped to shorten the war, and thereby saved lives.
Climate change seems likely to shorten the rainy seasons and intensify variability, making storage even more important.
The crew help to clean the aircraft to shorten turnaround times.
To shorten procedures, they stuffed the cash in cigarette packs and threw them from their cab windows.
There is also lots of demand for innovation that facilitates less invasive procedures which shorten hospital stays.
He thinks customers may well shorten their supply chains to stop shipping so many parts around the world by air.
The current government has done a lot the shorten the administrative cycle but there is still room for further improvement.
The season for using such roads, key transport routes for cargo, will also shorten.
When mice are engineered to lack telomerase completely, their telomeres progressively shorten over several generations.
Stressful events, for example, have been shown in some cases to shorten telomeres.
And besides, distances progressively shorten each time you walk a route.
Realize that antibiotics will not shorten the course of a viral infection.
People find all sorts of pleasurable ways to shorten their lives.
When a limb is held in a contracted position over time, the muscles shorten.

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