shortcut in a sentence

Example sentences for shortcut

Our two guides had suggested a shortcut across a coastal lava flow.
The sights one misses taking that shortcut are probably worth seeing.
They were also a shortcut to name recognition and technology that would otherwise have taken years to develop.
Coercion offers a tempting shortcut, but it usually backfires.
They appear to offer a shortcut to success, especially in the aftermath of the election.
When the installation is complete, run the program from the newly created shortcut on your desktop.
The widget also contains a shortcut to your iPod app in case you want to view your whole library.
Some might say effort: the problem with drugs is that they provide a shortcut, a way to win without striving.
Theory cannot be a shortcut because this tests theory's founding postulates.
That's a shortcut in place of real debate and taking an argument on its merits.
As word of the shortcut spread, other programmers aped his cheat, working the same sequence into their own games.
So they take a shortcut and go for college graduates.
We add safeguards one day, then shortcut them the next.
Take the shortcut and enjoy the many advantages of direct deposit.
In the case of bills with substantial differences, the shortcut of a conference committee likely will be taken almost immediately.
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