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Famine, water shortage and energy poverty not to mention wars caused by the above and lack of space.
The other hearts, however, have no shortage of bon mots.
But no such catastrophe has been definitively linked to the shortage.
It is also, however, exposing a long-term shortage of local university graduates fluent in the world's lingua franca.
There's no shortage of fabulous archival material lurking in college and university collections.
No shortage of equipment from the best manufacturers, apparently no shortage of funding.
In occasional other areas, there's a shortage of faculty members.
There's not been a decade since official records began that hasn't seen severe rain shortage.
The shortage has driven up prices, which only worsens the fish's plight.
There is no shortage of patients eager to give the creatures a try.
And uneasy importers, fearing a shortage, went on a buying spree.
Planes, balloons, battleship guns pointed upward-there is no shortage of possible delivery vehicles.
The world is facing a critical shortage of doctors, and the prognosis is getting worse.
The skin's base layer is the subcutis, which includes a seam of fat laid down as a fuel reserve in case of food shortage.
There's no shortage of theories, some of them outlandish.
GM foods are not made to solve an illusory food shortage.
But let's say something happens to make their territories begin to overlap--a shortage of food, for example.
But if a shortage develops, the drug's price should be able to increase again to attract more manufacturers.
They're warning that a sugar shortage might be in store unless the government lowers trade tariffs on sugar.
Methyl iodide has made no shortage of enemies since being approved.
One of the ironies here is that there is no shortage of research showing a positive connection between athletics and academics.
There was no shortage of shoppers, though occasionally attendants complained to me that business was down.
Maybe you see a currency shortage and want a new way to grease exchanges.
There are no shortage of ad campaigns that deserve to be mocked.
There is no shortage of work to be done, or responsibilities to bear.
Six or seven years after the housing bubble peaked, there is arguably a remarkable shortage of homes.
When it comes to extracting money from worried parents, there s no shortage of business models.
In any economy, a shortage is caused by too low of a price.
The results are that there is a shortage to send to those who live close to the power plant where they might be actually needed.
Such a modest rate of increase of price does not indicate a serious shortage.
If they can't move or be moved nearer to water, sad to say, they have to suffer from a shortage of water.
The shortage of fresh water is critical in many parts of the world, and getting worse.
And there's certainly no shortage of things to talk about as goes the weirdness of hummingbirds.
The food shortage is caused a lot by urbanisation, less farm lands.
What's worse, he explained, is that the talent shortage is stifling fundamental innovation in the cloud space.
Crandall's got no shortage of ideas for saving the industry from itself.
Nonetheless, the prospect of an indefinite shortage does not bode well for dogs.
Not surprisingly, three decades later there is no shortage of observers rushing to fill the void with all sorts of explanations.
The result is a show laced with violence, vulgarity and no shortage of nudity.
In theory, this would cure our cholesterol problems, creating a surplus of the good stuff and a shortage of the bad.
US commanders were getting increasingly frustrated with the shortage.
The silicon shortage that has kept solar electricity expensive is ending.
Nobody knows what caused the cold spot although there are no shortage of ideas.
There's no shortage of people who say they know how to predict whether the stock market will go up or down on a particular day.
There's not shortage of uses for this kind of ability.
So, it would not address the pending shortage in peak power capacity in the short or medium term.
There wasn't a shortage of freaks, but neither were there any genuine creeps.
He paid his suppliers immediately, and there was rarely a shortage of parts in the office.
Food shortage is usually a result of poor government.
Yet managers say the shortage of staff is still not easing.
Much of the rest of the country is suffering a severe food shortage, say aid agencies.
The shortage might then have pushed spot prices higher.
They are being harvested more or less normally, though there is a shortage of pickers.
There is now a shortage of geologists who can help with the search for oil.
Barriers to new entrants remain, such as a shortage of credit and historically low retail margins.
Supply constraints, in particular the shortage of land in the economic hotspots, are pushing up high-end prices too.
Overcrowding and a shortage of resources constrain bug populations.
He concluded that the main reason for famines is not a shortage of basic food.
There is no shortage of aspiring artists, and some will become big names.
But there is no shortage of interest in the company.
The conditions are ripe: the country has plenty of scientists, an entrepreneurial culture and a desperate shortage of fresh water.
So in places where there is no shortage of space, they are the natural option.
Though several previous expeditions have been lost in the valley, there is no shortage of volunteers to have another go.
There was also no shortage of natural disasters preparing to strike at any time, from hurricanes to earthquakes.
Besides ushering in a new tolerance of outsiders, the bride shortage has changed social mores in other ways.
Our nation's capital does not have a shortage of memorials.
There is no shortage of studies on green jobs that support this optimistic view.
Now the obstacles are a shortage of funds and foreign squeamishness about dealing with the junta.
The official reason was a shortage of domestic supply.
Yet the government's efforts so far have been hampered as much by incompetence and political cowardice as a shortage of funds.
He expects it to take a decade or more to overcome the shortage.
And there's unlikely to be a shortage of parents willing to stand with them at bus stops on dark mornings.
And there's no shortage of places to find speculation on which companies may or may not boost their dividends.
For years it looked as if there would be a glut, not a shortage.
Growers nationwide blame the shortage for losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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