short shrift in a sentence

Example sentences for short shrift

Technical expertise gets short shrift in the nuclear and missile defense debates, too, they contend.
Most online music sites give the bands short shrift when slicing up the revenue pie.
She has been given short shrift by the intellectual establishment.
Culture receives short shrift in favour of politics.
Even economics doesn't get the usual short shrift: an experiment will introduce visitors to different aspects of trade.
It is important to neither overemphasize nor give short shrift to subjective impressions.
Don't give short shrift to the budget and its justification.
With few exceptions, wine lovers complain regularly that restaurant reviews pay short shrift to wine.
And do not give short shrift to the little one-quart.
Music gets short shrift, and the determination to cover the globe seems to have lapsed.
As it is, aeronautics gets short shrift and is really a distraction to the agency's main mission.
However, professional development has been given relatively short shrift by state and local education reformers.
It once again gives short shrift to our infrastructure.
But when peace returns, culture gets short shrift, because of our traditional lack of public support for the arts.
If in the past the impacts of training on the land were given short shrift, that certainly is not the case today.
We must never give it short shrift purportedly in the name of progress.
Again the book fails pedagogically by giving short shrift to important tools in transportation economics.
Giving short shrift to process and testing, would increase the risk of poor decisions.
In the end, though, open source often gets short shrift in the view of many consumers.
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