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Example sentences for short order

Scientists fear that if the bridge falls the entire shelf could disintegrate in relatively short order.
But in short order, scientists worldwide would be utterly depressed.
But then, the heating element inside turns cherry red, and in short order the edges of the briquettes start to glow.
Meanwhile, companies at risk had little choice but to shape up in short order.
Nominal wages are simply not flexible enough to get the job done in short order and there is much to fear from populist backlash.
If it can be scientifically determined, multiple people will discover it and publish it in short order.
And they will, in relatively short order, be releasing a more comprehensive picture.
In short order the council dissolved the rubber-stamp parliament.
And in short order, he became a superhero, the first pop icon to attain global saturation.
In short order he was again at the helm and set out to modernize the company's computers.
The menu is primarily short order and the hours of operation are limited.
In short order, contractors were hired to build a three-kilometer stone perimeter wall and to de-mine the project area.
In short order, the beam fuzzes out and crashes into the cell walls.
We will come out with guidance on that in short order.
Both of these arguments may be dealt with in short order.
If this is not the case, the content will be rebuilt in short order.
Even a considerable knowledge of your ancestry does not guarantee that you will find your lineage in short order.
Others feel that the problem can be solved in short order if draconian measures are adopted.
We went from everything on the ground that morning to record-high load factors in fairly short order.
Stop grazing, mowing or cropping the area and the natural process will probably work in short order.

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