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Example sentences for short hairs

For short hairs, groom them two to three times a week.
It's present in the short hairs of the inner ear, the researchers say.
Upper surface is light yellow-green, the underside pale and covered with fine short hairs.
The leaflets are nearly smooth on the upper surface and paler with short hairs on the underside.
The lower surface is soft and covered with short hairs.
Plants are branched on the upper one-fourth and roughened with short hairs.
Dense short hairs lend plants a grayish-green color.
The leaves have short hairs and can be smooth-margined or toothed.
Sheaths open, glabrous or covered with soft, short hairs.
The fruits have a thick, semi-fleshy, husk covered with short hairs and are yellowish-green in color.
The abdomen has short hairs, and the spinnerets extend noticeably beyond the abdomen.
Their legs show no distinct rings and have short hairs.
Phyllaries linear to narrowly lanceolate, covered with short hairs and a few cobwebby hairs.
Generally, they are smooth or slightly hairy on the upper surface with stiff, short hairs on the underside.
They have a light brown coat and wings rounded at the ends terminating in a fringe of short hairs.
The branchlets are covered with short hairs at first and eventually they become smooth.
The reddish fruit is covered with short hairs and used to make a lemonade-type beverage.
The non-woody stems range from smooth to having some short hairs.
The stiff blades are hairy with short hairs dorsally and ventrally and longer hairs on the margins.
Leaves flat to half folded at maturity, margins endowed with tough, short hairs that are rough to the touch.
Leaves are grey-green because they are covered with short hairs.
Stems are thin, stiff and covered with soft short hairs.
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