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Both my short term and long-term memory were affected, so were word recall and spelling.
But it also suggests that long-term market movements may be rather easier to predict than short-term ones.
These bushy plants are fairly short lived, but to make up for it, they produce lots of trumpet-shaped blooms over a long period.
The duck leaves, but the bartender is shocked when the duck walks back into the bar a short time later.
Novas says the new raptor is the first ever found with short arms.
It's often cut to a short length then tied into a knot.
Oven-browning gives crockpot short ribs extra succulence.
The current deficit could be the peak, but only for the short term.
As such the adjuncts will be teetering even more on the end of a already short stick.
The world's best-known investor may be short some of the ratings agencies' opinions, but he is long their equity.
Tail short and pointed, with white outer tail feathers.
The president was up and quickly down with his dedicatory remarks in a few short minutes.
Planting tulips in this garden is nothing short of a party.
Some flowers speak an ancient language where words fall short.
They had short bites of information and bright, colorful graphics.
Withstands cold, heat, and aridity but is short lived in warm winter areas.
Traders who sell stocks short know that the companies they target will not be happy.
Unfortunately the world has fallen short of these commitments.
Six of seven birds tested used the short stick to reach a longer one, which they then used to get their treat.
Short branches hold up well under heavy snow add to my plant list.
The short answer from scientists is that they are still trying to figure it out.
Position two remaining short pieces evenly from the ends and from one another and attach with screws.
Past theories for pygmies' short stature ranged from nutrition to advantages in forest condition.
There is relatively little evidence of water-borne diseases appearing in the short term.
So to help you avoid disappointment, here's a short lesson on steer anatomy.
More than a few last-minute shoppers have come up short.
Delicate capiz-shell candleholders on a matching tray show off short stems of white quince.
It's always sad to find a dead bee, but the sad fact of bee life is that a worker bee's allotted time is short.
Many are short lived in gardens so are used as annuals.
Make short work of this dinner salad by starting with a store-roasted chicken.
Tree is usually trunkless but sometimes has a short trunk.
From farther afield on wilderness trails, it inspires nothing short of awe.
There are many stimulants that increase short term physical performance.
The short duration suggests the gamma rays originate in a relatively small part of the inner nebula.
But those who care beyond their own self-interest will never find themselves short of committee work.
Shrub or small tree with a short trunk and an open, spreading crown.
My advice is to keep it short and don't spend too much time on it.
In the short term, the case for strong privacy laws seems clear.
As it stands today, prototype micro fuel cells still fall short of the mark.
If you stick to bottled water and avoid ice and raw fruit and veg, you should generally be fine for a short trip.
Sometimes the procession wends its way through the town, sometimes it covers only a short distance.
Those that slipped on the material came up well short of that distance.
In areas with short growing seasons and in mild-summer coastal regions, they can be grown all summer.
In the book business, conventional wisdom has it that short stories don't sell.
The sport lives on, yet you are cutting our proud history short.
Although they tend to be short lived, they grow quickly and put on a good show.
Here's a short countdown of some of their scariest moments in film.
Games comprise either one or two innings, and can last five full days or be as short as a few hours.
Bars and brownies are a great option when you want to bake a lot of cookies in a short amount of time.
The best short stories aren't short on story at all.
In short, the likeliest triggers of an acute crisis-a lenders' strike, a crash in the dollar or inflation-seem remote.
Parliamentary observers complain that the fragmented legislature has made the country's politics more negative and short-term.
Subverting scientific knowledge for short-term gain.
Fast-forward a century, and researchers are once again beaming short electromagnetic pulses across their labs.
Wild-derived inbred mouse strains have short telomeres.
Some of the short-term forecasting models are run hourly while other models are run every six hours or twice a day.
Rather than indicating an even stride, the tracks alternated between long and short steps.
The museum also has a gallery for short-term exhibits featuring local artists, or local history.
It has short legs that, in the rear, point backwards to help it dig.
In short, the self-evaluation is your chance to spell out exactly what you have done over the past year to help students learn.
There are good things about short psychology papers.
But any candidate who has no chance of making it to the long short list can be informed quickly.
The selling season is short, intense, and sometimes lucrative.
The narrow leaves and stems are sparsely covered with short hairs.
Instead, several main limbs angle outward from the top portion of a short trunk.
In regions with cool or short seasons, extend growing time by using floating row covers and clear plastic mulches.
Taking short hikes along the beach is also acceptable.
Unfortunately, the spikes are both too short and too thin to do an efficient job.
Let me digress into a short technical discussion of how this incredible error took place.
The battery drives the car at low speeds for short distances and boosts acceleration, lowering demand on the engine.
If such a law does something to cut fuel prices in the short term, it may do more harm than good.
The long and short of it is that none of this is verifiable.
Repeating a phone number soon after hearing it, for instance, uses short-term memory.
The world won't run short of petroleum in the next few decades, but there's a limited supply of easy-to-reach oil.
From this point each photon continues its journey down one of two paths, either short or long-another type of quantum coin toss.
As study after study suggests that wine might have health benefits, beer tends to get the short end of the stick.
Return to work surface with short side of triangle nearest you.
Put butter in center of dough so that long sides of butter are parallel to short sides of dough.
Do not use long-grain or parboiled varieties, which do not absorb as much liquid as short- or medium-grain rice.
What to get: grilled short rib tacos, kimchi quesadillas, steamed pork belly.
And now there is the richest, silkiest short rib you have ever tasted.
Running a close second, though only because it requires a short turn at the stove, is lettuce and lovage soup.
The book set the formula for all his narratives long or short.
He has written numerous plays and short stories, and his work has been translated throughout the world.
There were an extraordinary number of people in his short life, many of whom had tales to tell.
In a country plagued by chronic malnutrition, government solutions keep coming up short.
Short stories are a lovely little explosion of a moment.
There are four short, self-guided trails along the scenic drive.

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