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They could see many courses of action but, shorn of feedback from the amygdala, couldn't tell good from bad.
Three maroon-robed monks, shorn and strong, arrive to give a hand.
Shorn of the usual typographic tools, e-books on these devices have turned into monotonous blocks of characters.
The hair is shorn everywhere but on the forehead, where a long, loose swoop falls over the eyebrows.
Occasionally one will be truncated, shorn of its upper storeys.
Today's visitor can look at hillsides shorn of giants and know that generations from now the trees will grow there again.
The bald spot had been enhanced with tanning cream, compensation for the sudden paleness of my newly shorn dome.
Martens boots and the shorn skulls that gave them their name.
But no one had success with limbs that had been shorn off.
And yet family-planning programs have been shorn of resources and glamour for a generation now.
Such descriptions as they left of their work are as shorn of embellishment as the granite stonework.
Some of the fabrics were shown with zigzag edges shorn by a pair of fabric scissors.
Shorn of material of little or no value, a college education could then be completed in less time and with less money.
Her graying hair was shorn tight to her dark brown scalp.
Shorn to edibility, the artichoke releases its sweetness, as it does in this simple but memorable dish.
In past centuries, livestock and packhorses laden with piles of freshly shorn fleece would fill the streets.
We began with the sheep, recently shorn and sporting fashionable blankets so they'd remain clean for the judging.
The convex canvas was flattened against the wall behind it, and many of the remnants of the tattered blue sky were shorn off.
The bear denned every winter in the same hollow cedar, the top of which had been shorn off by a storm.
We pull the pan off the flame and toss in the ramps, shorn of their leaves.
Finally, the animals in the picture have been recently shorn.
As usual his grayish hair is closely shorn, his eyes sparkle, and he is grinning widely.
Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.
Shorn of rhetoric, much of his philosophy boils down to something uncontroversial: good government.
Then learn about how their fibers are shorn off and used to make fabric.
After that, the newly shorn cadets bid their families one final goodbye and begin their formal training.
Diagnosis: it is much easier to identify the disease in shorn sheep.
We will need to know how many animals were shorn, and how many pounds of wool or mohair were produced.
Through incentive payments to producers, price support is available for shorn wool and mohair and for the sale of unshorn lambs.

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