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Fish-cleaning stations are now hundreds of yards from the receding shoreline.
Most people go to area in the east shoreline area, because the government policy to develop these area.
Great blue herons and white egrets stalked the shoreline.
He has ridden the shoreline so many times that he notices if a rock has been moved.
Landscape of desolate shoreline in the foggy morning light.
On this remote, cactus-strewn shoreline, the sea is a dazzling shade of green.
The picture on the jacket shows dark waves on deep water with a distant suburban shoreline.
The blue is the shoreline, not an unnaturally straight blue line down the middle of the lake.
On the mri this almost synchronous firing pattern resembled a wave rolling toward a shoreline.
They cleared away patches of shoreline and forest and planted them with wheat and barley.
Elegant inns with long, shaded verandas appeared all along the shoreline.
She was out near the rocky shoreline, watching the bears.
Small waves are constantly adjusting the shoreline, but trees and vegetation anchor the shoreline.
Even if the drifting ice doesn't collide anywhere with the shoreline, it still poses a risk to ships and offshore oil rigs.
The continental shelf extends seaward from the current shoreline of many continental areas.
The further back or up from the shoreline, the clearer the larger, smoother sweep becomes.
The individuals that made their way to the shoreline survived.
We knew the imperative was to keep oil off the precious shoreline.
Rock climbers and hikers can tackle the boulders and cliffs along the shoreline to view the abundant native wildlife.
Along the shoreline is also a popular route for cyclists to take.
The area is known for its coastal shoreline and incredible fishing.
But as they approach shoreline and enter shallower water they slow down and begin to grow in energy and height.
Rubberneck the lobby, then amble out to the dazzling shoreline.
And a rare view from the air: video of a tsunami wave approaching the shoreline.
Hippos also bask on the shoreline and secrete an oily red substance, which gave rise to the myth that they sweat blood.
The shoreline shown on nautical charts represents the line of contact between the land and water at a selected vertical datum.
Evacuation of low- lying residences within several blocks of shoreline possibly required.

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