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Shore had taught himself to play every instrument in his school's band.
These made it easier for economies to rebound and helped shore up governments' electoral support.
The sound of waves lapping the shore tends to have a calming effect.
But if you find yourself being dragged out to sea, don't panic and don't try to fight the current and swim back to shore.
Luckily for this intrepid explorer, armored invertebrates can survive for days in the bellies of shore birds.
If the tsunami's trough reaches shore first, it sucks the water seaward, exposing the seafloor suddenly.
Anything below that level on the shore will be flooded for a length of time.
Archaeopteryx, was adapted to climbing rocky cliffs at the shore and had teeth adapted for catching fish.
In the backyard, low, curved retaining walls shore up the sloping hillside.
The environment near the shore is a complicated, difficult-to-understand region.
He urged the central bank to raise interest rates and shore up the currency.
Built up by winds far out at sea, they unleash their energy and go to work when they break on the shore.
In certain places, the water's edge has receded a full kilometer from shore.
The humble adhesive works to patch cracked pipes, shore up a mangled car bumper or remove lint from clothing.
The government at last recognises the need to do more to shore up its financial system.
Northern gannets, for example, are seabirds rarely seen on shore.
The calm waters provide a safe area for small fish, shellfish, migrating birds and shore animals.
Only when older do the sea turtles live or linger in waters nearer shore.
These eddies could either pick up oil and carry it closer to shore or bring the oil back into the loop.
Ringing statements that the big economies would do whatever it took to shore up the system had real value.
Surge is the water a hurricane pushes up as it approaches shore.
Fishermen have no boats, only frayed nets cast from shore.
They normally unload their cargo onto fast power boats for the final leg to shore.
Waves are the busiest sculptors of coastlines, unleashing their erosive power on the shore.
Filter out the algae, extract the oil and pump it into barges close to shore.
The buoys may also reduce shore erosion, by taking energy out of waves before they reach land.
Gulf governments are under increasing pressure to shore up native values.
It's right on the shore, with a boat dock offering small boats for guests.
Relax with a picnic and watch the surf beat against the shore's rocks.
Turn a scavenged piece of driftwood found shore-side into an organic modern entryway rack.
Plovers skitter along the glistening zone on beaches where the waves lap at the shore, foraging for insects and invertebrates.
Though wounded, she swam back to shore and survived.
Waves beat on the shore, rushing up the pebbly beach and withdrawing with a caressing hiss.
The historic interior and exterior need tending once again, to modernize utility systems and shore up walls and roofs.
We couldn't find their boat, as they returned to shore early, the result of a quiet day.
If you lived at the shore, you ate tons of shellfish.
Rollers from a storm that had never reached shore pitched them up.
Khan's garden, which slopes to the shore and was once his pride, is growing wild.
We had entered the northwest corner of it, and when near the shore could see only part way down it.
Of some other shore-side expenses, perhaps the less said, the better.
E cut the motor and let the boat drift the last few feet toward shore, rocking slightly on the choppy water.
The possibility of nuclear escalation makes attacking those shore-based targets tougher.
When not carefully managed on shore leave, they will rapidly wreck whole towns.
Early whales plied the shallows but still hauled themselves onto shore, probably to rest and to give birth.
Amphibious tanks, heading to shore, misaimed their guns and wounded soldiers on the beach.
These whales often travel close to shore in search of salmon, and enjoy rubbing their bodies on the bottom in shallow water.
Fiscal stimulus has helped shore up aggregate demand.
When he was closer to the whales than to the shore, he shipped his oar and opened his pack.
The ocean of ice extends from the shore and merges into a blanket of low cloud.
Virtually all cruises offer official shore excursions.
At a certain point, you're no longer threatened by your inadequacies, but grateful to find people who can shore them up.
He hopes to strengthen the board, pay off the college's debt, and shore up the endowment.
Wait until the other shoe drops, and they off-shore your jobs.
After all, there are people who catch lots of fish standing on shore with only one fishing pole.
Often found on pilings and rocks near the shore, its crusty body has thin walls that are perforated with tiny pores.
People lined the shore and circled the hangar in small boats to watch that first flight.
It is designed to scuttle from the shore through the surf to search for mines on the ocean floor.
That's why an ocean wave approaching the shore rises and steepens so much that it often breaks.
Since the sea ice is disappearing, they are turning to the shore for a break.
Hatchling teeth should be found at surf sites that were close to shore and not at sites that represent deep water.
Either way if they tow it to shore it will fight fight fight that global warming.
Shorter ice seasons, poor quality ice, and less multi-year ice can result in the bears loitering on shore for a lot longer.
Ships were carried up onto the shore and numerous wharves were damaged.
On the shore, towering silos have been painted red and reclaimed as industrial sculpture.
They would have been easy to miss if you weren't on the shore looking back or in a boat at full tide.
The side of the reef ran perpendicular to the shore and, along with the mangroves, divided the two beaches and their waters.
But closer to the shore, the waves begin to interact with the ocean bottom, causing them to break.
Other technologies that come into play on shore shed light on leatherback physiology.
We stayed in a wooden cabin that stood alone by the shore and was painted the brown of withered leaves.
Great scented forests all along the shore, which now are gone.
The captain failed to steer toward shore and instead continued upriver.
In the winter they would go sledding or skating on the frozen creek, building a bonfire on the shore to keep warm.
Land-based or near-shore sites can also support mariculture.
Then it crashes on shore and pours through the town.

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