shopper in a sentence

Example sentences for shopper

There are good deals to be had out there for an alert and savvy shopper.
Meyer admits that sometimes he's not the smartest shopper either.
Retailers can access complex patterns of shopper behavior to help them stock their stores more profitably.
They must arrange the berries neatly in baskets to catch the shopper's eye.
Along these blocks, a shopper could transform her whole life.
As a shopper, price discrimination is what actually drives me to make a purchase.
But compelling as that slogan was, in truth the shopper was cheated of the crown.
The shopper wanting alcoholic drinks is spoiled for choice.
They want a cooling-off period between a shopper signing up for a loyalty card in a store and his getting to use it.
Yes, a shopper cares about where he shops, as well as what he buys.
But it was the imports that galvanised people's inner shopper.
It takes a lot of skill, time and effort to be a good shopper, and to look good at all times.
Each camera targets a shopper and tracks his or her selections.
Everything from produce to beauty supplies to clothing carries labels that appeal to the health conscious or eco-friendly shopper.
For the spontaneous shopper, the diversity of offerings at a farmers market can result in sensory overload.
Stores are packed with color and movement to stimulate the shopper.
But as any shopper knows, that's easier said than done.
The malls have that serene aura of undisturbed wilderness, with scarcely a shopper in sight.
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