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How the sun shone on the wet soccer field after days of rain, warming the air during practice.
Small wonder that they have bleated as regulators have shone a spotlight into their murkiest corners.
He stood on the roof of the shrine, silhouetted against a purple-blue sky where the thinnest crescent moon shone.
And behold, there shone from the east the white light of the early dawn.
Both pupils should contract when the light is shone in either eye.
The sun shone down benevolently on the people yesterday afternoon.
Today the sun shone brightly all day on the university's campus.
Four laser beams are shone into this block from different directions.
The next day when they awoke, the sun was already high in the sky, and shone down hot into the tree.
The rectangular transom above the door to the street shone a dazzling white light.
He's only four, but his grasp on basic arithmetic really shone during the game.
But some members have worked so quietly and so far from the limelight that no ray has shone on them.
Sponged clean, their glazes shone as brightly as the day they were fired.
Public-access finally shone a light on them, though that light was way too bright and often imperfectly aimed.
It was cold and raw yesterday and last night, but the sun shone brightly to-day and the temperature was much milder.
But this crisis has shone a pitiless light on that failure.
Barr wriggled though the muddy opening for a second time and shone his flashlight into the darkness.
But the other two had the gene, and their eyes shone dazzling green.
The early morning sun shone brightly on the tiny wooden coffin coated in white velvet.
Luminescent and fluorescent bulbs might be more virtuous, but they shone more dully, and poets loved them less.
The way the sun shone on the water, the way a single instant of light and atmosphere could render a landscape magnificent.
Lasers beamed into the air, fireworks flamed, spotlights shone in blinding white.
When light was shone on them, it caused exposed patches to harden.
More fundamentally, the euro has shone a harsh light on basic differences in the legal concepts that define securities.
Thought it was pretty amazing the way the light shone through yet also illuminated the jelly.
The sun alternately shone and fled behind the clouds.
White lights shone from a futuristic steel fixture above.
Their main activities may have taken place in the dark, but both spots shone in the sun's absence.
The same engine could be run by solar power when the sun shone.
The sun shone behind his ears, which turned the color of chokecherry jelly.
Street lights were on, but no lights shone from windows.
He kept them in enclosed chambers, shone different colours on them, and measured how often they tried to scuttle away.
Fluorescents shone above us, revealing the spareness of the space.
There, a series of lights shone through the thin fabric indicate the progress and location of hits, base runners and fielders.
The leaky house was not repaired while the sun shone, for then the rain did not come through.
The next time the red light of violence shone out it seemed of no importance, an irrelevant horror.
To retrieve the stored data, the reference beam is shone into the hologram, which refracts the light to replicate the data beam.
The next day, researchers shone blue light on the animals' hippocampi.
At the tip is an optical sensor, that can detect a laser beam being shone on a far-off target.
The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.
One night, a sheriff and two deputies burst into their bedroom, shone lights in their faces and hauled them off to jail.
Weathered faces shone with sweat under the midday sun.
Even the elder-tree bent its branches straight down into the water before him, and the sun shone warm and mild.
One would have thought the sun had never shone there.
While she spoke the stars shone brighter, and presently a chariot descended through the air, drawn by flying serpents.
Now and then his boots shone, and a new dignity crept into his walk.
The glowing banquet-room shone with wide-arched grace.
He blinks, and his pupils dilate, as a bright light is shone into his blue eyes.
The administration has also shone an unflattering light on its internal policy-making.
Laser light is shone onto a holographic medium which causes the beam to diffract, producing an image on a nearby surface.
Football coaches are often in the spotlight, but that light has shone harshly in some cases this season.
Shoes shone in similarly vibrant metallics and flat heels.
Jacqueline's quiet strength, great intelligence, and sincere friendliness shone through to everyone around her.

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