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Good for general use and ideal for paths because hulls let water through easily and don't stick to shoes.
Stock up on handmade shoes, flannel shirts, and cast-iron pans.
Clasp your hands and remove your shoes for an hour of instruction.
Puffed, mushy fruit, with skin that resembles a painful blister from a pair of new shoes.
Sailing gloves protect your hands, and white rubber-soled shoes keep you from slipping.
It was used, in one example, to disparage a particularly squeaky pair of shoes that the main character had been wearing.
Mentors criticize everything from the studs in the job-seekers' ears to the shoes on their feet.
And wear those goofy minimalist shoes while you're at it.
On shoes, it provides a waterproof coating, and it can be buffed to a dapper sheen.
Waterproof hiking shoes are a must for any extended outdoor activity.
Keep this in mind when packing shoes: opt for shoes that can handle multiple terrains and that will work with multiple outfits.
Still, the news has set off a scramble to fill the senator's shoes.
The alternative is not to take the shoes off at all.
In some cases it is starting to replace traditional shoes for normal use.
Italians have a tendency to notice shoes straight away-keep yours shiny and in good shape.
In the old days, the price of such shoes reflected the high cost of handcraft work.
The shirts and shoes they make for athletes are the target of perhaps the biggest-ever crusade against sweatshops.
In designer shirt and shoes, he hikes half way up a mountain to a remote village to solicit votes.
The user secures it with a belt around the hip and thigh, then straps into a pair of shoes connected to it.
Next, the user slips into the shoes attached to the device.
Bedbugs are more likely to travel on backpacks, luggage, shoes and other items farther removed from our bodies.
It turns out there may be a biological reason why it's easier to walk a mile in some people's shoes but not in others'.
Footsteps crunch frozen tundra, and dancing shoes step gingerly over ice-covered rivulets.
Shoulder-length hair and patent leather party shoes complete the ensemble.
As a result, many details of daily life were preserved: wooden toothbrushes, leather shoes and fabric.
We roller skated with them clamped to our shoes, rode our bikes, walked all the way to school every school day on the sidewalks.
We remove our shoes, roll up our trousers and nervously wade knee-deep in the toxic stream.
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and come prepared with a sense of adventure and a text messaging enabled cell phone.
He has changed his shoes, that is, has become a senator.
They did not go in readily and he had to take the shoes off.
He was so charitable that he gave his own victuals to the poor, and sometimes even his shoes, going himself barefoot.
Instead of throwing away the shoes you've outgrown, use them as pots for plants.
The work suggests that wearing shoes promotes more delicate small toes.
Lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor use, they are practically the only shoes you need to bring on your travels.
The inner elastic gore on these leather walking shoes adjusts to keep you comfortable through a long day of exploring.
Sleek shoes and running clothes that will get your heart racing.
Bring an open mind, long pants, and covered shoes for the kitchen.
Or if he had lost his shoes somehow he'd have found a cab or made a phone call before ever walking a dozen blocks in his skates.
When she went to bed she piled, where she could get at them handily, all the shoes there were about her house.
Most of the scavengers had closed shoes and some kind of headwear, but only a few wore rubber boots and gloves.
If it is to celebrate another major milestone, it will need to figure out how to stop cutting the feet to fit the shoes.
If you can't get shoes that fit you, you have to make your feet fit your shoes.
The researchers say that this doesn't mean that heel-wearers should give up their favorite shoes entirely.
The flight was powered by hot air produced by burning bundles of chopped straw, rotting meat, and old shoes.
Elephants walk on the world's biggest platform shoes.
On the rare times when he vacationed in the tropics, he always wore waterproof beach shoes.
Not to mention affording a gym membership or new running shoes.
Opposite shoes on a vacuum left foot melt into identical socks with different transition energies.
Opposite shoes on a vacuum left foot melt to identical socks with different transition energies.
Mirror neurons light up when we're put in their shoes.
Some lasted longer than the shoes, others died in weeks.
Opposite shoes need not vacuum free fall identically.
Now beam in the linearly polarized light, left and right shoes.
One of a boat and a beach called up ads for sailing holidays and boat shoes.
His shoes are tidy leather oxfords and appear comfortable and well made.
Opposite shoes are an extrinsic emergent phenomenon.
His work helped spur an arms race of experimental technology to counter those risks with plush heels and wedged shoes.
Running shoes themselves were a a radical new concept.
For the life of him, he can't figure out how she keeps a pair of shoes so clean.
Some mud splattered on her shin from the heels of his shoes.
Entering visitors had to clamber over the pile of shoes in the hallway, between the elevator and the door.
And then, all of a sudden and after thirty years, the shoes picked themselves up and walked out of the house.
Even if you have no use for princes and castles, you need shoes.
He was dumbfounded when he was barred from stepping onto the oil-polluted beach without having his hands and shoes decontaminated.
Yet they seem to want to avoid looking at their shoes.
Some asked for items as simple as shoes, or cash to repay a loan.
They think they have taken everything away from me, including my shoes.
But a day in the president's shoes offers a glimpse of the size of the challenge.
At that time, they were giving guys the shoes but they weren't paying them to wear them.
And the master removed his shoes and put on a mismatched pair of socks.
But enough to buy that rug out there, which is an expensive rug, so please do not put your shoes on it.
He had a scruffy-preppy look: pullover sweater, tan slacks, enormous saddle shoes.
We're talking about maintenance, not only of shoes, but your image.
We barely made it in time, and attended the ceremony with tear gas on our faces and dust on our shoes.
He was wearing only his shoes, undershorts, and suit jacket.
He throws shoes at the crows, the library is turned upside down, they become hilarious.
He is perhaps forty, with expensive-looking walking shoes.
Shoes should be wide enough that foot does not feel pinched on the sides, but not a sloppy fit or one that slips at the heel.
During wet processes, use the overshoes on top of your existing shoes for non-slip protection.

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