shoelace in a sentence

Example sentences for shoelace

It's the kind of thing you don't want to get your shoelace stuck in.
The watch receives radio signals from a small plastic device strapped to a runner's shoelace.
Make a bow from a shoelace or thong and use it to constantly spin a stick against a wooden board surrounded by tinder.
If a shoelace came untied, it meant running the bleachers.
So a string in string theory is not logically any more or less quantum than a shoelace.
Take a small piece of thin cotton cloth a piece of white cotton shoelace will do.
She had to cut a shoelace that had been secured between the storm door and the inside main door.
Upon closer inspection, staff noticed a shoelace embedded deep in his neck.
The task is to thread a shoelace through holes in a series of posts.
Stops running or walking other than to retie a shoelace or remove a foreign object from the shoe.
Shoelace clips slide up and down the lace ends and lock into place.
Try to find one that you can tie to a shoelace around your neck.
Create a rule that will tell you the length of shoelace you need when the number of pairs of lace holes in a shoe is given.
Tying your shoelace will prevent you from tripping over it.
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