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Scandalous in the sense of shocking and morally offensive to some people.
Then, home remedies go straight into shocking: performing chicken surgery.
The idea that our ancestors mated with other species may not be too shocking.
Also, the loss of some atoms for a good cause, which loss is imperceptible to the human eye should not be shocking.
It takes a little bit of background knowledge to understand why this is so shocking.
But a comment towards the end of the piece was illuminating in a shocking, altogether different way.
The fact that other people found it and liked it was the shocking virtual cherry on top.
She loves shocking stories: she has that coarse streak that usually goes with natures that are both fine and big.
But it is a shocking mistake to claim the iPod is essentially a leveraged version of off-the-shelf hardware.
But it's a good bet that there's nothing as popular while at the same time as utterly shocking to outsiders.
Others reach sizes shocking to those who are only familiar with common tree squirrels.
Watch videos of seemingly shocking and bizarre practices from around the world.
Witness stunning stories about rituals and traditions so shocking that you can't help but be attracted to them.
What's more, the tiny organisms' feeding habits apparently give the falls their shocking color.
But the then shocking implication of his theory was obvious.
Finally, they even started attacking adults-a shocking sight never before photographed.
TV commercials, print ads and digital campaigns can often be beautiful, shocking or even annoying.
In the current cultural climate it may be uncomfortable, but it is anything but shocking.
Many travelers who use hotel safes found the video shocking.
More than the level of crime, it is the sheer gratuitousness of the violence that is shocking.
But that only makes it all the more shocking that politicians have done so little.
The coalition's attempts to reform the state-school system may eventually make this disparity less shocking.
Perhaps even more shocking is the lack of a more detailed picture.
Although the idea sounds shocking, the principle behind the experiment is not new.
After following these volunteers for an average of eight years, the researchers came to a shocking conclusion.
Such spontaneity was so shocking that fashion shoots of the old style never recovered from it.
More shocking is the breadth of companies and the seniority of the individuals involved.
As shocking as it sounds the outcome of this basic experiment was wonderful.
You'll see that the findings support the quote you found so shocking.
Yeah, not too shocking: that tamping down those emotions might make someone seem more formidable.
It's shocking that a power outage caused the current nuclear crisis.
It's not shocking, then, that angiogenesis is a common target for those seeking potential cancer therapies.
We need to be honest with kids about the shocking truth that, generally, the college choice isn't that important.
The breakdown of program responsibilities along such clear gender stereotypes is shocking.
It is shocking to me that such an important and possibly heretical piece has garnered only one comment here.
Some of the defenses of ethnic studies are shocking in their naivete.
It was a shocking moment, but one that many people who make this career change experience in one form or another.
Electrically shocking the brain is often the only recourse for people suffering from severe, untreatable depression.
Their shocking conclusion is that cyclists often ride on the pavement, along bus lanes and the wrong way up one way streets.
The footage is shocking, but what it shows is familiar to anyone who has visited the orphanages.
But for the first time in human history, that is changing-and with shocking speed.
On some level, this shouldn't be completely shocking.
If you follow the political dynamics at play here, then the lawsuits aren't all that shocking.
But those shocking wage differentials will still be around when rich countries are feeling flush.
The reasons behind these shocking health-system failures are complex, but have little to do with money.
Often, this involves their committing a crime, which is all the more shocking in that it receives no authorial comment.
It was a shocking moment, one in which your first impulse is to bring on ballast and feel some sense of the world underneath you.
The results are provocative, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking.
He gets as much pleasure shocking people as he does out of wearing the clothes.
The end of the story is quite shocking, particularly because so much of the narrative has been about the lack of action.
And yet, in the middle of the record, there's a pair of songs that are somewhat shocking.
Their illustrious source renders them all the more shocking.
Their discontents are real, their insights can be shocking, and their demands on the community at large are relentless.
Gray lived a life that was unusual in many ways, but it was neither shocking nor exemplary.
When violence is done to the city's fundamental structure it is all the more shocking because it dislodges such continuities.
It was a shocking but philosophically satisfying theory to me then.
These results are shocking when you stop to think about them.
It was absolutely shocking to learn that a major journal would have a policy of not publishing replications.
More shocking, it posited a universe that would explain its own existence.
And even a small change could be a shocking development for a theory that has withstood so many rigorous tests.
Rarity in an unexpected context can be shocking or disconcerting.
But the more he looked into the details, the more shocking he found them to be.
Pry under the shocking surface, though, and you also find even more unsettling questions.
But her last oscillations spun so fast that the contrasts seem more shocking.
The accuser's testimony was more shocking than anyone could have imagined.
It was weird watching my father do this character-the language was kind of shocking-but he was good at it.
To say the suicide was shocking was an understatement.
In fact, the electrified object may be held even more tightly, resulting in longer exposure to the shocking current.
Getting a cancer diagnosis is a stressful and shocking experience.

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