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Example sentences for shiver

They shiver and tremble and act out to the awful imperatives of mental illness.
Rodents, unable to shiver effectively to keep warm, use brown fat instead.
Your narrative of your last experience there makes me shiver in fright.
As their core body temperature falls, people start to shiver and their risks of infection and hemorrhage increase.
The sight that met his gaze caused a cold shiver to run up and down his spinal column.
The logistics of hauling those toxins either through the air or across a battlefield made generals shiver.
Her ice-blue eyes trained on a single leaf, she was alert for the faint shiver.
Even a glimpse of those three paintings from a distance is to feel a decisive shiver of excitement.
When it's my boss calling, it shudders in a sort of growing shiver from its headphone port down to its excretory chamber.
It would make a pretty pretentious band name, but gives me a little shiver of delight to read.
But the effect is less that of a collective shiver than of directorial desperation.
Touch any strand, and you'll shiver another, but don't answer the phone or you'll never remember where you and it were at.
He began to shiver uncontrollably as the heat of his body flowed into the water.
But she couldn't seem to manage the trip, consumed as she was by some dread that made her shiver half the night.
As he removed each layer, a kind of shiver traveled through the image.
All the shadows on the wall shiver and merge into a single dark silhouette.
Estragon's cries made the six hundred and fifty or so onlookers at this free event shiver with recognition.
At first, the three dancers shiver in puffy jackets that make them resemble upholstered chickens.
The revelation struck me with the first shiver of cold.
When they get new gum tips, they're so full of sap they shiver in the air.
If he sings about regret, he will not slip in a shiver of delight.
Laughing is not an instinctive physical response to humor, the way a flinch responds to pain or a shiver to cold.
And if the pool wishes, let it shiver to the blur of many wings, old swimmers from old places.
The cold and damp penetrated his whole body and he began to shiver.
That's anything but a knock, as connoisseurs of shiver-and-quake genre fiction know.
Her ice-blue eyes trained on a single leaf, she was alert for the faint shiver that would signal its softening.
Thrill at live stallions entertaining as you dine or shiver as pirates invade the room.
Still, the shiver is easier to mask in a hybrid because the electric motor can move the car away from a stop.
The sun drops, and for the first time in months, you feel a little shiver of cold.
Don't wait until you start to shiver or for your lips to turn blue before you get out of the water.

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