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Send it out to sea in search of a humanitarian aid ship to destroy.
If they want their jobs to survive, they have to be the kind of people who'll be hauled back onto the ship.
Software firms prefer to bash out code and then try to catch as many bugs as possible while racing to ship the product.
Ship traffic, seismic tests and sonar pings can make navigating the seas tricky for whales.
The building of a cruise ship is a huge logistical challenge.
For years big ship propulsion had a standard configuration: a propeller in the rear with a rudder behind it to steer.
The hammock's design brings to mind a graceful sailing ship that has come into the harbor of a tropical paradise.
Fending off pirates is tough work that demands a tough ship.
They either hadn't been through the annual review cycle or received a poor review and jumped ship.
The company plans to ship both the single and dual-screen tablet by the end of the year.
Students who don't get a definite big firm offer need to realize that the ship has sailed and start looking at other options.
It is not practical to ship water by pipeline because water is so cheap.
It towers above the museum's displays of ship models and marine artifacts.
Your loose lips may sink your ship as well as theirs.
Presumably this approach will enable the ship to navigate past the jet stream and maintain its position.
It's not a pirate's treasure, but it may be an old pirate ship.
Then, using the same pairs of photos, researchers asked the kids which candidate they'd choose to captain their ship.
Learning more about rogue waves, the researchers said, could help ship designers bolster the seaworthiness of their crafts.
Why is the military and ship industry putting food in their tanks.
Maybe the moving company can store things until you have an address or you can put stuff in storage yourself before you ship it.
But no one before him had thought to ship the stuff to the places with warmer climates that could really use it.
At the end of the day, it's only smart to look to leave a sinking ship.
Sometimes one question is the one that sinks the ship.
Instead, they ship samples to facilities with the necessary licenses and expertise.
But mostly geographic discovery depended on the ship.
Give yourself a doctorate, a tenured position, then jump ship for another university.
With all but one of the ship's hands accounted for, all eyes turned back to the battered vessel.
Some resembled windmills, animal cages or ship propellers.
As any good sailor knows, the winds encountered play a significant role in how a ship handles at sea.
He had to be acquainted with meteorology and know enough fluid dynamics to make sure he didn't overload his ship with booty.
In the past, a ship full of plague casualties could be turned away from port.
On shorter jaunts into space, some of the stuff humans produce is simply chucked from the ship.
Stop the crisis stuff, because the ship has left the dock on that one now.
It was forbidden to build any ship larger than a mere coasting boat.
If, for any reason, such as taking an early morning train or ship-an early morning wedding might be a good suggestion.
Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.
The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks.
The anti-ship ballistic missile is a new weapon designed to sink a moving large ship.
It was better, he said, to be on a big ship when the waters got choppy.
The miracle is inconceivable without the ship-borne container.
Top managers at western companies, on the other hand, had few incentives until recently to jump ship.
At the centre of his show is a coffin in the shape of a ship topped with a flint hand axe.
But this week a ship's crew foiled a hijacking with help from a decidedly older technology: a message in a bottle.
Apple may have occasionally hinted at it, but it never promised a ship date.
We will never know who the ship belonged to, and what happened to her crew.
The ship is a ghost, killing the reef around it little by little.
In the event one was disabled, the ship and her crew would have to be towed to the nearest port.
Cold waters recover more slowly from the kinds of oil spills and pollution that can occur after ship accidents.
The movements have managers worried that the ship could slide into deeper waters, carrying rescue teams along with it.
They likely stowed away in the ballast tanks of a ship, according to scientists.
Whether you're a ship or a shark, you need a sleek surface to speed through the sea.
From his ship he probably could not see the mountains' forested slopes.
We'll be adding more shots of the ship to the gallery over the next few days, so bookmark this page.
Some are armed with only a machine gun, while others also carry anti-ship missiles.
It was a rare show-business relation- ship of trust-they were bound by no contracts-and of loyalty.
She didn't even bother to conceal their relation- ship.
And not talking to my brother till all of a sudden he's on a ship.
He loved the sea and he loved sailing and was always grateful for a ship.
His erstwhile supporters might have wanted to tiptoe discreetly off his sinking ship.
The position of the ship after each four-hour watch was computed and marked on the chart.
When a car's underbody or a ship's hull begins to corrode, it usually ends up junked.
Their conclusion is that the probability of a neutron jumping ship is smaller than about one in a million.
There is no point of keeping people underwater for these periods, when you can bring them up to the comfort of a ship.
Applied is another in a long list of companies who have jumped ship.
We routinely create electricity in one area using coal or oil and ship the electricity to energy poor areas.
The sea-bottom resort has two cozy bedrooms resembling cruise-ship cabins.
Clearly it is an alien craft breaking up in our atmosphere after the alien used its ship to deflect a meteor heading our way.
One ship had all the artists, musicians, and other creative types.
The result was an inescapable launch configuration and a reliance on the ship's design abrogating the need for an escape system.
The mesh would also reduce drag, letting a cloaked sub or ship cut through the water more efficiently than a traditional vessel.
The chunky cast equipment they is probably as tough as those ship's guns.
Its a different ship unless things can magically appear out of no where in space.
The captain of the cruise ship has been arrested and his.
The intermittent lights that flashed all over the broken ship made for some beautiful screen pictures.
He zoomed in on everything from a cruise ship to an ice crevice to a bunny, but never quite arrived.
Ship location and the conditions where the ship was located are maintained on this site for one year.

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