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You'll also have to contend with a glowing blue light shining out from a ring around the base of the speakers.
The bright clouds are made of ionized gas that reflects light from the shining stars nearby.
The blobs are also unusually bright, shining with the same intensity as the brightest known galaxies.
The full moon is insanely bright, and can keep people awake at night if it's shining in their bedroom window.
The shining rocks could sometimes be found in rattlesnake dens, she said.
It's a human edifice that does its shining on graduation day.
The sound of ululation could be heard from sea to shining sea.
Smaller seminars may meet outside when the sun is shining.
Luckily, there are no lights shining from a nearby street or house.
For one brief shining moment, she was at a loss for words.
Instead of shining light at the planet, however, his team beamed radio waves toward it.
Shining yellow light on it yields an inhibitory, negative signal.
That's one of the great shining lights of the future.
What had been billed as the clean, cheap, limitless energy source for a shining future was suddenly too hot to handle.
Sun shining through a window is an example of the simplest form of solar heating.
By the time of the study, he was virtually blind, although he could still tell the direction from which a light was shining.
Again, thanks for shining your light on us for a bit come back and visit anytime.
And that's with a shining yellow sun to light your way for you.
After the image is all but gone, it can be re-energized by shining a little light on your closed eyes.
Cities may discover that controlling outdoors lighting may have more benefits than saving energy and keeping the stars shining.
Shining the light for too long on one area results in a hot spot that doesn't look right.
It takes millions of years for a new star to finally begin shining.
Surely, a shining example of public money well spent.
Or if shining a light in the visual cortex prevented us from recognizing the face of a loved one.
But the parodic nature of the project doesn't preclude the fans' creativity from shining through.
Shining ultraviolet light on electrodes makes them spark more vigorously.
Out of his enthusiasm for all the living comes a quality of shining beauty.
It took three waiters in concert to produce this masterpiece in a shining copper pan on a tabletop stove.
The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.
Shining backwards, singing downwards towards horizons blue and bay.
As he was speaking thus, he spied something of a shining red hue, which swam close to the vessel.
He looked away into the fire, and then back at her shining presence.
In fact, you are a shining example of how someone can overcome all the negatives of the area and become a great success.
Mobile money presents a shining opportunity to start a second wave of mobile-led development across the poor world.
As long as the sun is shining, the wind remains an infinite, renewable resource.
Off-grid systems are independent of other power sources and often charge batteries for use when the sun is not shining.
Don't lament when the sun isn't shining-this could be your lucky break.
Overnight video footage recorded only a gigantic crocodile's spooky eyes, shining near the trap's gate.
After the sun sets over the city, the harbor is ringed with shining lights.
Seeing the sun's rays shining up through the clouds is an experience that the two of you are unlikely to forget.
Our eyes find shining beautiful because it reminds us of water.
There have been a few shining moments, including improved scores on national exams tracking math and science knowledge.
As dawn broke, he noticed a faint light shining through a hole in the roof.
You've never seen such shining and well-cleaned tripe.
Now researchers have caught one of these shining suns in the act of nebula formation.
In many ways, it was the birth of modern astronomy--a shining disproof of the belief that the heavens were fixed and unchanging.
Shining laser light onto the pit from different angles produces different reflections and therefore can register additional bits.
Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, flowers are beginning to bloom and pollen is in the air.
Or maybe you'll be content only using electricity when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining.
And there was a darkened opera house growing cardboard trees and shining wooden moons.
But that was all in the future, and right now the sea was calm and the sun was shining.
Along the cheekbones of the figure in the nickel is the shining oath shorter.
Let there be light, indeed, shining upon you when you step out in his new scent.
Some clones turn a brilliant, shining yellow that almost seems to generate sunlight.
It's a crystal in which you excite intelligent vibrations by shining colored lights on it.
My strong first impulse is to be in favor of shining light in secret places.
She was a shining star in their lives for the too short time she was with them.
It does not go dark when the sun isn't shining or the wind blowing.
We do this by shining the harsh light of scientific evidence on the absurd aspects of their faith.
But you can take an electron and move it from one molecule to another, for example, by shining light on certain molecules.
Shining light on the cells triggers the calcium, which activates the protein, thereby turning on the target gene.
Shining blue light on these neurons then causes them to fire.
Shining light on the cells to trigger the calcium thus turns on the target gene.
When the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, production is at its peak but the demand may not be there.
For solar panels to be useful when the sun isn't shining, the electricity they produce has to be stored.
Solar power, for example, can be captured only when the sun is shining.
Traditionally, shining laser light into a type of crystal has produced entangled photons.
By shining polarised light on the flakes he can make them spin and accurately measure their rate of rotation.
Short is one of those performers who soaks up every moment that somebody, anybody, is shining a light in his direction.
The company is among the few shining stars in an industry littered with flameouts.

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