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Example sentences for shimmering

As they make those choices, many teenagers will be chasing an ideal-a shimmering vision of college-as-wonderland.
And therein lies the shimmering wonder of a garden mirror.
Spite of its brown and trampled leaves, grew bright with shimmering gold.
Suddenly in this rift of shimmering brightness there appeared a flock of beautiful white egrets.
The paintings play variations on shimmering bands of color.
It was their shimmering city of delights that attracted people of all walks of life.
Rich woodlands, emerald pastures and the shimmering waters of the lake below added to a pageant of loveliness.
But hidden amid the shimmering successes were darker hues.
Our breaths lie pinned against the ice in shimmering pools.
Along with the feelings of peace and euphoria, there is a general impression of a clear and golden shimmering light.
The warmth of a bright sunrise reveals shimmering jewellike dewdrops upon thicket and fence.
The finished daguerreotype is a jeweled, one-of-a-kind object, no bigger than a hand mirror and shimmering with an eerie light.
They thought they could see through the shimmering gleam of the new mathematics.
Dolphins and gannets blast through a shimmering, pulsing vortex of fish in these up-close glimpses of an underwater buffet.
The exquisite paint-job, iridescent in the shimmering sun, is rivaled only by the clean lines of your ride.
The tower is a shimmering silver needle, its delicacy as startling as its height.
Similar reflective structures made from silica are also responsible for the shimmering color found in opals.
Peafowl are famous for their long, shimmering tail feathers.
People who live near polar regions see the auroras as giant curtains of shimmering light in a variety of colors.
At night luminous fungi glow surreally on the rocks and fireflies dance shimmering arabesques through the forest canopy.
He was too pleased with himself to notice the shimmering torpedo emerge from the depths.
Mirages dance over the valley, making it seem that the green plants shimmering below are merely an illusion.
You'd see nothing but heat waves shimmering to the horizon.
These shimmering waves confuse the eye, causing travelers to see distorted images called mirages.
They were bold creatures, flying all around us in streaked blurs of vibrant, shimmering color.
To our surprise, a flock of ostrich emerged from the shimmering sun rays.
Shimmering show spotlights jewelry designed by artists.
She wears tight, shimmering spandex pants with a new holographic material annealed to the surface.
High, green ridges provide picturesque views of shimmering water and quaint towns.
Winding mountain ski trails powdered with shimmering snow.
Shimmering tablecloths and tropical centerpieces dotted the room and music filled the air.
It is beautifully landscaped with manicured lawns, lovely trees and shimmering lakes.
Huge creatures make gentle sounds amid shimmering lights and a theatrical setting.
In flood times it became a shimmering lake from ridge to ridge.
Sunken cars and broken hulls poked out of the shimmering surface.

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