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Example sentences for shimmer

Distinctiveness is key for the many colleges that lack the shimmer of national prestige, not to mention a football team.
Slowly the dawn began, and again she seemed to see the shimmer of a face-such a face as one sees in the coals of a dying fire.
And there actually were mothers in those jars-the barest shimmer on the surface.
The picture invites a contemplative mood, during which the colours seem to shimmer.
The words will shimmer on the screen, but the sentences will be quickly forgotten.
The pearly outer sheathing is translucent, obscuring the glowing interior and giving it a muffled shimmer.
The planet won't shimmer its brightest until next month.
Not everything the lab looks at is as subtle as a shimmer, though.
Dark alleys shimmer with multicolored silks, shot through with gold thread or spangled with sequins.
It was a sweltering day to begin with, but the added heat of the lingering fire made everything around us shimmer.
What interests scientists is how these wings shimmer in sunlight.
Whales ordinarily come into view only briefly, when they part the ocean's shimmer to breathe.
Others shimmer intact and silent in the desert heat.
As the air begins to shimmer, he leans his long body forward, signaling his intention.
Most of the walls and buildings were coated with a layer of white plaster, giving the city a luminous shimmer.
They don't shimmer with poetic hyperbole and ambivalence.
It must have lasted-that faraway glow, that spot of shimmer-some three or four minutes.
There was a national life-a shimmer of national life-and intimate life.
The enlarged digital images flutter and shimmer, as the camera's dithering sensor continually readjusts to the lights and shadows.
The audience gasps and the dancer's green eyes shimmer with triumph.
Those paintings, built out of hundreds of insistent strokes, had a nervous shimmer.
The birches, aspens, and cottonwoods in the forest shimmer gold.
Designers have seized on their reflective shimmer to embellish daytime fabrics.
The images resembled shimmering lily pads, and the choreography was a shimmer of steps.
Creating a shimmer on the food is essential to create depth.
Side lighting the food was almost always the solution to get that shimmer.
Once flat, they're easy to fan out beneath a plate for a surprising shimmer.
The songs shimmer with the delicious melancholy of the former while maintaining the harder-edged drive of the latter.

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