shill in a sentence

Example sentences for shill

Give writers more incentive and leeway to shill for the commercial sugar daddies without sacrificing narrative.
So it's not clear that the group is really acting as a shill for the wealthy as some suggest.
The epithet is nothing more than an unsubtle shill for taxpayers and fans to build a new stadium.
Dude, it is really bad form to shill your blog on a discussion board.
Yu is a brave voice for change or simply a well-placed shill.
Everyone knows the system can be gamed using shill accounts, friends, etc.
Only a true pharma-shill would pretend that vaccines work.
Once he's out he'll still have all his books and a radio show on which to shill them.
Now stating that same opinion will get one branded as a kook or a shill for the tobacco industry.
But even if a site doesn't use shill bids, there's a good chance you'll lose money.
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