shiitake in a sentence

Example sentences for shiitake

Great argument for this cream- and cheese-rich potato-shiitake gratin.
The shiitake log, beneath a plate and topped with a weight to keep it from floating.
Savory dinner ones include the corn and shiitake mushroom pie, and the cauliflower cheese pie.
Appetizers include offerings of shiitake tempura and pumpkin croquettes.
Add the shiitake mushrooms and continue to cook until the mushrooms soften, stirring often.
Dried shiitake mushrooms bring a hearty flavor, not to mention wonderful nutrients, to this dish.
These results are of interest to shiitake producers and consumers purchasing shiitake based health aides.
Most of this money went to shiitake producers with outdoor operations.
Shiitake are one of the tastiest mushrooms on the market, and they are no more difficult to grow than fresh vegetables.
High-value gourmet mushrooms, such an shiitake or oyster, may be grown on logs or wood chips in a forest setting.
Our product is fresh shiitake mushrooms grown on white oak logs without pesticides.
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