shifter in a sentence

Example sentences for shifter

The route is a haunting shape-shifter, splintering into paths toward small crossroad communities and offbeat sights.
The steering wheel and console-mounted shifter feel great.
If the second tip works, you may need a shifter interlock cable adjustment.
The five-speed automatic can be controlled manually via wheel-mounted paddle shifters as well as the floor shifter.
The manual shifter isn't slick, and the clutch is heavy.
The first set of ferroelectric phase shifter device samples are required no later than six months from the start of the program.
The shifter cable is rubbing up against the manifold on a new car that is in production.
The cool season box also has an agitator and has standard grain drill cups with fluted feed and a shifter output control.
Thus, a discussion of phase shifter influence and examination of individual radials of data are contained therein.
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