shift lever in a sentence

Example sentences for shift lever

The agency says that in some cases the floor shift lever may not match the car's gear.
Big radio and climate controls are mounted reasonably high for easy reach, as is the shift lever.
Our four-speed had a manual mode, controlled by reaching toward the center stack and notching the shift lever from side to side.
The automatic features a gated shifter, and the shift lever is well placed and a cinch to operate.
The shift lever, manual or automatic, sprouts from the dash below these buttons.
The center console flows rearward from the dash, housing the navigation screen, climate controls and shift lever.
The center console houses two cupholders and a bin forward of the shift lever fitted with a grippy pad.
The shift lever is mounted on the dashboard, and while it looks odd at first, it's easier to use than a column-mounted shifter.
Switch to the manual mode by moving the shift lever into a gate to the right.
Trucks equipped with a column mounted automatic transmission shift lever.
The driver must be able to safely and efficiently operate the gear shift lever to each desired gear position.
The operator attempted to regain control by reaching for the steering wheel, but accidentally placed the shift lever in reverse.
Floor mounted shift lever with console not permitted.
The transmission was only able to be disengaged after the shift lever was forcefully kicked.
The shift lever was not damaged during the accident.
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