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People in the study often shied away from doing something helpful but unpleasant when they had to do it right at that moment.
Thus is was ineligible for funds and students shied away.
Alpine was a shelter husky who shied away from people for months.
Opinion pollsters have shied away from taking soundings.
It has shied away from taking on such producer interests as teachers and train-drivers, electricity workers and hypermarkets.
Drivers have pushed for more safety, and sponsors have shied away from blood on the track.
Under the old system, he says, broadcasters shied away from controversial topics.
Many party bosses have dug in their heels to resist this and cautious delegates have shied away from challenging them.
Predictability shied away into complete oblivion having been wholly replaced by uncertainty.
US carriers have, however, shied away from heavy subsidies.
Across all ages, the older the volunteers were, the more they shied away from using the losing decks.
Neither shied away from the risks inherent in confronting history and mythology.
In the film, we've certainly shied away from any kind of legislative agenda.
He was funny, but shied away from long stories, especially about himself.
But doctors, frustrated by their limited options, haven't shied away from giving other pharmaceuticals a chance.
Our country has never shied away from opportunities to compete, to open new markets, and to trade with the world.
They dismissed and shied away from my requests for their opinions.
Our industry has shied a willingness and desire to self regulate.
Military officers shied away from politics and many even refused to vote, feeling that this would somehow influence their service.
Police reported that once they arrived on the scene, the boys shied away from accolades, saying that they wanted to get to school.
For years, private developers had shied away from this area.
When has this nation ever shied away from a fight for the right reasons.
It is a sad fact that many dental professionals have shied away from treat ing patients with special needs.
In an interview, however, he shied away from expressing support for its legalization.
He was a resilient pioneer who capitalized on opportunity and never shied away from taking on a new role.

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