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Example sentences for sheriff

He who owes nothing fears not the sheriff's officer.
Clearly, the students and the sheriff don't have a problem with concealed carry being allowed on campus.
One was even saved from being shot by a local sheriff in a roundup of strays in small town.
And the sheriff has a thousand eyes, covering every inch of the sky.
And this role of sheriff is under appreciated but necessary.
The scene is a sheriff's office near a mountain lake, where a hunter and his dog have been found dead.
Every individual physiology and how the body will react are areas that will determine the basic health of an individual sheriff.
He took it across the street to a deputy sheriff's house.
There was reason to believe that the sheriff leaned toward the outlaws.
The pound of marijuana had been supplied by the local sheriff's department, as part of a sting.
Most local sheriff's departments employ only three to five officers, with more important things to do than hunt for marijuana.
The sheriff is my uncle, and he talked to the judge.
The sheriff found his corpse two weeks later, a mile from our farm.
Down the road are the headlights of local spotters, many of them sheriff's deputies.
Sheriff's deputies shot and killed the lion on the spot.
The first time she does this, the local sheriff comes to see what's going on, and stays to watch it burn.
Describes the effect this had on the sheriff's department.
Because of his financial problems, the house had to be sold at a sheriff's auction to pay off debts.
Either state police or sheriff's department need to find out if anything is on the ground.
Recommendation from former sheriff helped adult film star get school security job.
The sheriff, meanwhile, was getting a little richer.
One night, a sheriff and two deputies burst into their bedroom, shone lights in their faces and hauled them off to jail.
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