shenanigans in a sentence

Example sentences for shenanigans

He discloses a number of these governmental shenanigans that will make your hair turn gray.
The public is starting to view the shenanigans of the alarmist scientists with a jaundiced eye.
Shortcuts through space, if only for information, make possible all kinds of counterintuitive shenanigans.
The recession is uncovering a lot of shenanigans, as recessions usually do.
Receptors aren't built to adapt to our random shenanigans.
We have, however, long protested about his second failing: his financial shenanigans.
His fictional accounts of the shenanigans in representative offices rang all too true.
The public, which had been largely uninterested in the shenanigans to that point, was revolted.
Financial shenanigans are not the sole province of the banking industry.
Shenanigans are allowed, strategies can be tried, selves can be revised.
Each accused the other of distorting the other's views and statements, stealing lawn signs, and other campaign shenanigans.
The inquiring lawyer has recommended certain safeguards aimed to prevent such shenanigans.
He added that occasional difficulty had arisen as a result of the shenanigans launched from the south and north.

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