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Left undisturbed, they'd glom onto each other and become a fortress of twisted shells.
Egg yolk, sugar, and milk make a pleasingly dense filling for the light-as-air filo shells.
Sweet crab in crunchy taco shells makes for a speedy weeknight dinner.
In addition to being used as mixing bowls, the abalone shells served as storage containers.
Most snail shells grow in a clockwise direction, so their openings are wider on the right side when tipped over by a snake.
In reefs, all the builders die: the bricks are calcium carbonate shells.
It is characterized by images of ropes and shells, and by coral themes.
Afterwards, he was pelted with egg-shells, and retained the odious appellation during the whole year.
Perhaps someone could fiddle with diatoms to get them to make heavier shells.
But at that particular point, perforated shells took off.
Turtles have a natural defense mechanism that causes them to hide in their shells.
Definitely a few more turtlenecks for the switch from camis to turtlenecks under jackets and shells.
Arrange two quarts large-sized soft-shelled clams on salt, in such a manner that liquor will not run into pan as clam shells open.
Put in a dripping-pan, and cook in a hot oven until shells part.
Put in kettle with one-half cup cold water, cover tightly, and steam until shells are well opened.
Put in kettle with one-fourth cup cold water, cover, and cook until shells open.
The shells are on the right and left side of the oyster, and are called right and left valves.
Egg-shells may be saved and used for clearing coffee.
Line potato shells with mixture place in each cavity a poached egg, cover with potato mixture, and bake until browned.
Refill tail, body, and under half of large claw shells.
It would seem that a leg of the tripod had been smashed by one of the shells.
Each one was equipped with a long, pointed rush for a spear, and smooth snail-shells to cover their heads.
Remove from oven, and with a small knife take off shells.
The woods were set on fire by the bursting shells, and the conflagration raged.
Pâtés are satisfactory as the shells can be heated in a moment and hot creamed chicken or oysters poured in.
Probably the first shells and body armour of living things were protections against drying rather than against active enemies.
Bullets were raining down at them, and shot and shells from the batteries were sweeping everything.
Upon inspection, the drawer exhibited a great array of the shells of various sorts of nuts.
Afterwards, he was pelted with egg-shells, and retained the odious appellation during the whole year.
These shells were divided internally into gas-filled chambers.
If the level of carbonate ions falls too low the shells can dissolve or might never be made at all.
Several of the shells he intends to recreate belong to fossil species.
Shells screamed over the walkers, and firefights broke out round them.
The vessels fired artillery shells and lobbed anti-submarine bombs into the wine-dark sea.
Most strong biological structures of this sort-bones, teeth, shells and so on-are highly mineralised.
More commonly, you will see roofless concrete shells, the ruins of communist-era collective farms or tractor stations.
Many are mere shells, but others are extraordinarily active.
They made instruments of anything that came to hand: conch-shells, wooden boxes, metal cups.
In the long run, smartphones and other mobile devices may also become shells to be filled as needed.
The next morning, the empty shells of burned-out houses were visible in several areas.
Coconut shells go into a bag hanging from the rafters.
But whereas tungsten projectiles become rounded at the tip upon impact, uranium shells burn away at the edges.
Potential homes range from holes drilled by woodpeckers to empty shells on the beach.
They use their powerful chewing apparatus to crunch through the shells.
The practical implementation is normally a layered structure of discrete concentric shells, each of a different refractive index.
It was the expanding and contraction of the shells that gave off radiation or absorbed it.
Many marine organisms depend on calcium compounds to build their shells.
The corners of the burial pit are marked with large conch shells.
It was also never responsible for the deaths of birds or the weakening of bald eagle shells.
Then researchers added chitosan-that's a key polymer in crab and shrimp shells.
The acidic sea water is dissolving their shells and killing them.
If it doesn't act at the electromagnetic level it probably does not have electron shells.
The brake and gear cables snake along inside the frame's hollow shells, giving it an atomic-age sleekness.
From sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of chaos are all around us.
Then the others start firing, spent shells spitting out of their rifles.
Electronic shielding by closed shells in thulium compounds.
Horseshoe crabs were misnamed centuries ago, when mariners thought the odd creatures' sloped shells resembled horse's feet.
Loggerheads are about the same size as greens but are handicapped by stubby flippers and barnacle-encrusted shells.
If more of the gas fills the ocean, small snails and other creatures that wear shells may not be able to survive.
When water reaches a boil again, stir, and push on the shrimp shells to extract as much shrimp flavor as possible.
Cracked and empty shells lie in heaps on the seafloor at the site of the smashing incident.
Green sea turtles have longer fins, sleeker bodies, and smoother shells than loggerheads.
Golden cowrie shells are among the hardest shells to find and are prized by collectors.
Eventually, vital species will no longer be able to build or maintain their shells and skeletons.
Centuries ago, people used shells and sharks' teeth as razors.
Under a high-powered microscope the silica shells of single-celled algae are revealed in all their manifold beauty.
The creatures, which are also known as cone shells, inhabit the world's dwindling coral reefs.
Much of the radiation quasars emit is trapped inside their dusty shells, dimming their brilliance.
The next trend could be in building the shells of cars from plants.
The scientists radiocarbon-dated and otherwise tested fossilized shells in the layered seafloor sediment.
They're called foraminifera, single-celled protists that construct shells.
Include natural items such as dried flowers, feathers or small shells.
Some resemble ears of corn, clam shells, and bugs while others are abstract boxes or blobs.
Members of the mollusk family, nudibranchs abandoned their shells millions of years ago.
Beneficial kitchen scraps include fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grinds and crushed egg shells.
Pick the crabmeat over to remove excess shells and cartilage.
While certain beaches offer an abundance of shells, other locations require more of a search to discover a special shell.
Visitors come here to swim in temperate waters, stroll along bright white sands, and search for shells of every hue and shape.
The deserted beaches around the lighthouse make a productive spot to search for shells.
If you plan to collect some of the area's famous shells, carry containers to hold them.
Lobsters go through a molting process as they grow during which time they shed their old shells and produce new ones.
Truly soft shells run the risk of causing friction, which is bad for the neck.
At first, they were interested in him and the shells he found.
In a box on the floor are some tear-gas shells that can be fired down into the yard should there be a riot.
Allied bombs wiped out structures that had already become mere shells.
On her pie trip she found that restaurant cooks often used frozen pie shells.
With a series of loud bangs, he used the hatchet to sunder the shells into pieces the size of ashtrays.
Ammunition boxes, which formerly held artillery shells, are used to create walls.
Creating shells out of nothing but mathematical equations, a computer scientist holds a mirror up to nature.
The ochre paint found in the abalone shells seems to have been made from a specific recipe.
Navigational buoys have sunk under their weight, and their razor-sharp shells have befouled beaches.
The kits included a pair of abalone shells holding paint made from a red dirt known as ocher.
That's great for attacking snails with clockwise dextral shells, but less so for those with anti-clockwise sinistral ones.
When the compressed material was introduced into laboratory tanks, the spines of sea urchins and the shells of mollusks dissolved.
In the ocean, plankton use the bicarbonate to build shells of calcium carbonate.
Their vast symmetrical shapes outline hypersonic shock waves produced by colliding shells of stellar gas.
Thus an atom can have a net magnetic field only if it has unpaired electrons in one of its outer shells.
Cadmium, for example, is an element fixed in the shells of small creatures called foraminifera.
The snails probably survive because of their small size, averaging less than a tenth of an inch in length, and compact shells.
The crystal would need to be made of spherical shells, and even then it would only work for one photon at the center.
They calculated the trajectories of mortar shells, patterns in the weather, and even the explosion of the atomic bomb.
Only in populations that lived on beach dunes did yellow shells become more common.
It depletes the water of ions that corals and shellfish need to build their shells and reefs.
If the bottoms of the shells puff up, tap down lightly with your fingers as often as necessary.
And my toenails would be little pink ocean shells, which they would have to stoop down off their high horse to kiss.
Cut in half and cooked for a few minutes in a microwave oven, they practically leap out of their shells.
From below, in the valley, came the echo of crashing artillery shells.
He patiently cracked them, storing the nuts and burning the shells in his stove all through the winter.
He swore he had seen a store of shells so vast that the lanes through it were seventeen kilometres long.
The article prompted the police to compare the shells recovered from both crimes.
The fine lines of light show the paths of tracer shells, and the broader lines are those of heavier guns.
In the final cup, add another tablespoon of butter and all the shellfish, which you have removed from their shells.
Once cracked, you now need to carefully extract the nuts from all those shells.
If you bake, it's definitely worth it, no matter how good you are at pouring it back and forth between the shells.
The people of this island nation make necklaces from shells or eat donuts, whatever they do there.
Bacterial shells deliver a double whammy to cancer.
In particular, they've looked to the porous but resilient material called nacre that lines abalone shells.
Sanchez and co solve the problem with a design consisting of ferromagnetic shells coated with a superconducting layer.
Dissolved in the ocean, it forms carbonic acid which dissolved the calcium shells of oxygen producing phytoplankton.
Transfer shells to a work surface and pour off water in pan.
Fill shells with stuffing, mounding it, and return to pan.
Blueberries are right in their season now and right in their element, cradled in meringue shells which you can buy at the bakers.
Hunters lounge on dumpy furniture that crackles when you lean back because of all the peanut shells behind the cushions.
Break shells with a hammer, then remove flesh with screwdriver, prying it out carefully.
The simulated shells were filled with eggs scrambled to a delicate creaminess with finely chopped truffles.
The pasta shells are blanketed with vivid marinara sauce.
The shells of the eagle's eggs quiver and one even cracks.
The gunman locks and loads, strafes the reservation with explosive shells.
Some people turn over the shells in the ice after they've eaten their oysters.
It would have been a serene tableau, except for the air-sucking whomp of artillery shells.
The spawn of marine organisms carried on the ocean's plankton column coats the oysters' shells.
Shells from the air are tearing out chunks of concrete, punching holes through the cinder blocks as if it were paper.
Big, hot shells clattered next to me into the cabin.
One of my friends reminded his sons of the shells they collected at the beach, left by animals that had died.
The seats do not move, as in modern shells, and the space between them is so small that oarsmen cannot move their bodies.
Brush the avocado shells with the remaining lemon juice.
The ears, translucent in the low rays of the morning sun, look as if someone had systematically and neatly flattened conch shells.
Caramel bodies spill over stumpy pecan legs, their chocolate shells delicate, still shiny from the vat.
Some main streets will be empty shells that retain a sad charm.
The shells are intended to be used as templates for creating security plans to conform with the requirements of the law.
Harvested shells are processed and graded before being shipped overseas for use in the cultured pearl industry.

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