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If you turn the skeleton over and look at the inside, you can even figure out how the shell evolved.
It's able to seal itself inside a hollow coconut husk using its suckers to hold two halves of a shell in place.
Mix one cup ground coffee with one egg, slightly beaten, and crushed shell.
Broil eight minutes on flesh side, turn and broil six minutes on shell side.
Clams for steaming should be bought in the shell and always be alive.
On one interpretation, the machine dies with the final unplugging of its physical shell.
The sandcastle worm, as the beast is known, lives in a mineral shell.
Yet another, in a different suburb, is burnt to a shell.
The sandcastle worm, as the creature is known, lives in a mineral shell.
The process was helped by the use of shell companies in offshore jurisdictions with strict secrecy laws.
To protect its soft abdomen, each crab carries its house around, usually an abandoned gastropod shell.
Iron bars were fitted to line the interior to give the shell extra strength and rigidity.
The sphere is but a thin shell, and inside this shell is small metallic ball.
The study found that the solar wind deflects charged particles in the shell around the planet known as a magnetosphere.
Of course, the coconut shell-lacking could not survive the long fall from a conventional tree.
Now the university plans to gut what remains of the interior and use the building's shell for a concert hall.
Then you shell out money to spend three days in windowless conference rooms listening to other people dutifully read their papers.
Colleges continue to shell out more money for these professors because tenure never even enters into their calculations.
Once you eat the peanut, the job of the shell is done.
Humans had been knocking out beads here and there for millennia years before the shell necklaces in question were made.
It certainly is an interesting shell game the president plays.
In my experience, the longer you own a car, the more you shell out in repairs.
Also, you don't need a car, so you don't need to make car payments and/or shell out money for maintenance.
Now, the organization is a mere shell of what it once was and the composition of it's staff and board is changed, too.
The idea that students should be working in a shell is so interesting.
Unfortunately, their bus system is a joke, so even the poorest people have to shell out for a car.
Many builders start with a prefabricated metal shell.
Gently pull clams from shells, slicing the muscle that attaches to the shell to free the meat.
However, the jacket goes well under an outer shell if needed.
But in turtles, the ribs grow over the shoulder blades and fuse to form the upper shell.
For shell-building animals that can mean a corrosive, even deadly environment.
But unlike those well-armored creatures, these sea slugs have no shell for protection.
The ship's outer shell was built first, and the inner framework was added later.
The animal is known for its ability to clamp itself to rocks under its large, flat, ear-shaped shell.
Psychedelic skin tones tell predators this shell-less snail packs a poisonous punch.
They are generally whitish-gray in outer shell color, and their inside shell is usually a porcelain white.
When the extreme cold returns, the water freezes into an impermeable shell that prevents animals from grazing.
The giant size of the creature is implied by filling fully half of the top half of the frame with the shell.
Seven ridges run the length of the shell-adaptations, perhaps, for smoothing and directing the flow of water.
Above the inner core is the outer core, a shell of liquid iron.
The interior is different from the shell, made of bone.
For a sweet version, follow the baked maple squash recipe and simply scoop it out of its shell at the end.
Or maybe they need enhanced intelligence to extract food embedded in a tough shell or to collect termites hiding in a mound.
Some of these show a pathological condition in which eggs are coated with a second shell layer.
As for the egg itself, close examination showed that it had a leathery shell.
Use an empty shell to tweeze out the rest of the mussels.
With a flick of the wrist, he slashes into a coconut's inner cavity, the clear milk running down the outer shell.
If you can shell out the dough to cook a steak dinner for yourself, more power to you.
Consolingly, there were honey-dew melons, soft-shell crabs and prime roasts of beef.
Around his neck hung a pouch of tobacco, a long knife and a thick chain of the prized white shell beads called wampum.
In such a case the shell was covered by sediment but the actual shell dissolved away after the sediment hardened.
Soft, polyester tricot shell is gentle on your face yet stands up well to scrubbing.
Its shell is worn smooth, but it's still unmistakably a phone.
Likewise, the haddock tart was at once runny and lumpy-thin chowder spilled over a pastry shell.
Her ex-boyfriend wasn't much to start with-and empty shell of s guy with artistic pretensions.
Time to break out of one's dream shell, and here's weather.
Much of the spectacle derives from the interplay of the steel lattice and the concrete shell underneath.
Nowadays, people regularly shell out upwards of a hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of jeans.
After the artillery-fired fury of the first movement, the second opens with a muted, shell-shocked waltz.
Thus, organisms do not live directly in the general atmosphere but in a shell produced by their own life activity.
Inside the scaffolding there is still only the barest shell.
Only the shell of the building that houses the power station remained in the battered plain.
Building shell improvements are one of the first places you should focus on when upgrading your existing congregational facility.
Line shell with foil and fill with pie weights or raw rice.
Spoon the filling into the chilled shell, smoothing the top, and crumble the topping evenly over it.
Spoon filling evenly into shell, then dot top with butter.
Remove the lemon slices from the sugar and arrange them in the shell.
Put into a double boiler to heat with the liquid taken from the shell.
Pour that into an avocado half-shell-the effect is pretty utter.
The filling, soft and fluffy, is encased in a thin chocolate shell.
The females secrete a thin, white, brittle shell called the paper nautilus.
If you think about fossils, you probably picture a piece of bone or shell, turned to stone and buried in the ground.
One common gene therapy technique is to take the harmful material out of a virus and use the remaining shell to deliver the gene.
It's not really a circle, of course: it's a sphere, or more properly a spherical shell.
The note heats up and pushes on the core's outer shell until the intensity of the sound causes the star to explode.
Astrophysicists also suspect that some super-Earths could contain water, as either an ocean or an ice shell.
If the shell of an egg has hardened because of age, doctors can hatch it in the lab and then implant it on the uterine wall.
Because the yolk contains fat, it floats above the aqueous white, both in the shell and in a beaker.
Originally it formed as a shell embankment beneath the sea.
The halo around the bright inner region is actually huge expanding shell of material centered on the nebula's central star.
Chitons are protected by a shell consisting of eight plates.
Imagine a turtle that has somehow come out of its shell and must now get back in.
Their bodies lack any sort of protective shell or skeleton and they have had to evolve other incredible defences to compensate.
The prototype's inner shell, made from a strong yet somewhat flexible nylon material, gives the ball structural strength.
The shell of the spacecraft must be able to endure heavy loads and intense vibrations.
Then, to mimic the protein glue in the abalone shell, the researchers fill the spaces with a polymer.
At close range, these form a shell around the protein chain.
The result is a soft, flexible protein shell the size and shape of a red blood cell.
Rice doesn't have to be cooked to be digestible, only the outer shell has to be broken to release some nutritional value.
Finally, they add a catalyst to form an acrylic polymer shell around the wax.
Strains are defined by the chemical nature of key proteins that make up the outer shell of a virus.
To send a cursor traveling across the screen, one rolls the mouse within the fabric shell.
Natural pearls occur when foreign material, usually a stone or parasite, enters an oyster's shell and it can't expel the irritant.
With the top of the abalone's shell in the palm of your hand, turn the abalone upside down.
Discard fat that lines the shell, but reserve all the meat and the roe.
Lucky for you, there are tools out there that will keep you from becoming an empty shell of a human being.
Take your tiny fork and sort of move the oyster around in its liquid-filled half shell to make sure it's detached.
Now, imagine us making our bones or our teeth, or imagine an abalone making a shell.
So, it's those little odd details that can really crack the gilded shell.
That's really when he started coming out of his shell, you know.
Now's the time to break out of your imaginary shell and expand your horizons.

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