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Explain that an ice shelf is a permanent, floating piece of ice that is attached to land.
Install the top shelf and fasten with two screws at each end.
The shutters, shelf bracket, and candelabra on the shelf were all garage-sale finds.
Most nondairy milks are sold in vacuum-sealed cartons and are shelf-stable for as long as a year.
Sitting atop the narrow shelf above the sink, imperfect teacups make good holders for air plants.
It can often be less expensive than buying a comparable off-the-shelf item.
Short shelf life in the supermarket so it's never as fresh as you want it.
Vera puts it on a shelf, where it will remain until someone calls or until she decides it's time to auction it off.
Time to take an afternoon, sift through the cookbooks on my shelf and get out of my cooking comfort zone and tackle new things.
It has an amazing shelf life, sometimes as much as a year.
The end result is often another report that sits on the shelf, with little follow-through.
Because that overqualified degree-hound with two books on the shelf is going to make the move to a prestigious university nearby.
But the investment in time pays off in terms of having a longer shelf-life.
No marketing campaign guarantees a book's budging off the shelf.
Fill up his shelf with smart and fun books, not to mention a couple of fun activities.
But it is a shocking mistake to claim the iPod is essentially a leveraged version of off-the-shelf hardware.
Here it's an emulsifier, keeping the fats and other liquids from separating on the shelf.
Putting the book back on the shelf is, of course, the last thing any curious reader will want to do.
If it meant sleeping on a filing shelf in the office to catch them before they went out again, he did it.
The melting of an ice shelf, which is merely a floating projection into the sea, would not affect sea levels.
The market itself-what gets bought and what gets left on the shelf-imposes a powerful form of selection.
Often these systems can be found on the shelf, so to speak.
Now you need a whole shelf, or two, for each country.
Your book has gone from the shelf by the time the problem is in the headlines, and thus likely to attract buyers.
Wal-Mart is devoting more shelf space to religious products.
Replacement stem cells might then be ordered off the shelf.
Custom-made servos cost many times the price of off-the-shelf ones.
Put a book or magazine back on the shelf and it will still be there years later.
Manufacturers prefer to have them designed to their specifications than to buy them off the shelf.
Stand your cabinet or shelf on the floor or a work surface.
The days of buying some cold remedies off the shelf in drug stores soon may be gone, a casualty of the methamphetamine epidemic.
The big, famous studs want it all, mostly because they know their athletic shelf life is severely restricted.
The transition from land to sea begins at the continental shelf, a gently sloping, submerged extension of the continent.
For predator and prey the continental shelf here makes ideal habitat.
Many are the mere extension of a river canyon as it dumps into the ocean and flows across the continental shelf.
We walk along the rocks and jump off the rocky shelf.
Treacherous shoals and reefs can be found along the continental shelf.
But the scientists are working on shelf stability and taste to create a variety of consumer products.
Today's astronauts use various off-the-shelf waterless products, such as body wipes and no-rinse shampoos developed for hospitals.
The only thing in this article that is likely true, is the ice shelf breaking off.
And another rather more subliminally but still legibly on the top shelf.
Many items on the shelf at the grocery story contain fructose.
If your parents don't need a step stool to reach the top shelf, you're probably right up there, too.
The continental shelf extends seaward from the current shoreline of many continental areas.
When she got home that evening she walked straight past her family and towards the book shelf.
But for books with a little shelf life left in them, there may be another solution.
What's more, there's an anvil perched on a nearby shelf that doesn't look a hundred per cent secure.
Her father kept his books on honeybees on a shelf in her room.
Portability and shelf life are as important as flavor and nutrition.
Against one wall, his masterpiece rests on a shelf--a colored mechanical drawing, simple and yet cryptic.
Today a thick scrapbook filled with yellowed newspaper clippings from that time sits high on a shelf in his office.
He took the protocol book off his shelf and turned to the page where the inclusion criteria for the trial were listed.
Journalists grab it off the shelf when they need to pepper a column with a dash of historical authority.
Some successful artists know when to put it on the shelf.
They also have a long shelf life, making them easy to stockpile for future use.
Furthermore, butter-makers often add heavy doses of salt, partly to compensate for blandness and chiefly to add shelf life.
Although bottom-shelf vodka or whiskey is still basically palatable, rail gin is completely undrinkable.
My agent explained that my big idea-which in fact was no longer my big idea-had a short shelf life.
We have sweet corn and broccoli in our freezer, sauerkraut in crocks, and tomatoes in jars on the shelf.
Things could get more confusing as supermarkets start adding their own scores, shelf tags and symbols to the mix.
The first shelf you meet-well, it's a world scaled for a rabbit hole.
There exists a small shelf of books devoted to the subject of the eccentric.
My dream for the shops is: if you walk into a vintage store you never know what you're going to find on the shelf.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
Selection is also limited by funding and available shelf space, and often is age- and time-sensitive.
Controversy surrounding evolution has had a similarly long shelf life.
Hanson's message, however, proved to have a limited shelf life.
The calculator can help show the financial differences between building a custom solution versus buying an off-the-shelf system.
They pay fees for shelf space in stores, including premiums to have their products at eye level.
The company has emphasized using off-the-shelf parts, where possible, to keep down costs.
Until a product sells, or if it doesn't sell, it takes up costly shelf space in either stores or warehouses.
The shelf with the encyclopedias contains only a tiny fraction of all the works in the library.
It has a long shelf life, which makes it attractive for use in first-aid kits.
The nodes in such a network are off-the-shelf and therefore cheap.

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