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Through the offices of a spirit guide, the mystery of the sheep is penetrated.
The only difference between sheep and wolves is that the latter enjoy killing.
As they stand huddled in a flock in what appears to be a grazing stupor, sheep may in fact be visualizing favorite flock mates.
As sheep dart across the screen, you shoot them with tranquilizer darts as fast as possible by clicking your mouse.
The hooked wool seat pads on the dining room chairs depict woolly sheep.
Putting wolves among sheep is misguided, foolish, and counterproductive.
On the edges of a sheep farm, a coyote lurks, licking his chops.
The ascent levels off at a wide, rolling plateau of scrub, sheep and a few quiet villages.
If you live in a rural area you might want to consider sheep.
Their disappearance is attributed to overhunting and various diseases caught from domestic sheep.
The trouble is, its intermediate host is an ant, and sheep aren't generally known for their hunger for ants.
Even my corduroys and sweaters had flecks: stipples and dabs of off-color wool, as if the sheep responsible had had a rash.
Fully half the horses and cattle, as well as three-quarters of the sheep died.
The talking heads are no more interested in what people want than a border collie is interested in what sheep want.
Blue sheep are definitely increasing, and urial sheep have made a strong comeback from lows caused by poaching.
It is chiefly known for cattle and sheep ranching, and for growing sugar beets, alfalfa and feed corn.
Take a look at this fellows, a sheep in hippo's clothing.
Sheep also need to be shorn, as well as the regular vet checks needed for all animals.
People need to stop being sheep and look at the facts.
Democracy, it has been said, is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.
As you drive there, you might see some wild burros, or a bighorn sheep.
Tell sheep they all look alike, and they may beg to differ.
Bighorn sheep are famous for their spiral horns and fine footwork.
Bighorn sheep and desert tortoises will lose habitat.
Descended from the wild vicuña, alpaca resemble a cross between a llama and a sheep.
Maybe the habitat is still good, but the sheep seem to have been hunted out.
We began with the sheep, recently shorn and sporting fashionable blankets so they'd remain clean for the judging.
To find a sheep with a chestnut-colored star on its back, a sheep that holds the key to the survival of the boss and his empire.
Each family had a cow, a few sheep, and a plot of potatoes.
The main panel bears a red rectangular block, an anthropomorphic character with antennae, and what appears to be a bighorn sheep.
The result appears to be an effigy of either a deer or a bighorn sheep, both of which would have been an important source of food.
They were preying on sheep and cattle at a rate higher than government scientists had predicted.
The foothills were zigzagged with the trails of bighorn sheep, the high peaks plumed with blowing snow.
At first, they lived simple nomadic lives, eking out a living with flocks of sheep and goats and perhaps small-scale agriculture.
There is good reason to worry about the state's sheep population.
He that goes to law does as the sheep that in a storm runs to a briar.
While the dogs growled at each other, the wolves devoured the sheep.
The sheep's wool adapts it to the environment and is used for felt, carpets, and clothing.
Mesa was looking for stray sheep when he came across the dinosaur fossil.
But she now has arthritis, a disease that usually occurs in sheep much older.
There wild guanacos graze and herds of sheep spread across vast ranches called estancias.
Silicone the fur and capillary exclusion will have it dry in a quick wiggle, for both reasons: eg sheep and lanolin.
He also works with the sheep shearers catching the sheep so that they are ready for the puller and shearer to do their work.
We'll be farming camels instead of cattle and sheep.
And many members prefer the milk of goats, sheep, or even camels.
Sheep lice do not seem to share this longing, which is one reason why they write so little.
But it does not appear to grade the cattle and sheep for the impact they bear upon it.
Their sweaters bore patterns that sheep might see on drugs.
The wolf let out a triumphal howl from a merry throat and kissed the sheep with jaws that tore not.
Seventeenth-century wall built on top of a thirteenth-century sheep creep.
Every small town had a shop selling solar panels for a price roughly equivalent to that of a single sheep.
But drive an hour south and that dusky sheep with its smoke-pit growl is nonexistent.
We boys used to beg the butcher for old sheep's heads or smelly pieces of meaty bone.
Among their many mouth watering qualities, the best part about sheep's milk cheeses are their versatility.
And that eating them was too great an extravagance when the wool from the grown sheep was needed for winter clothing.
He had some gray hair cropped close as a sheep-eaten lawn, and his fingers ended in dumplings, each dumpling having a ring on it.
The puppet sheep that attended the wool meeting was nightmarish.
Everything about him, every comical eccentricity and quirky flaw, hinted at a psychopath in sheep's clothing.
She goes on to describe the daffodils and cows and sheep you see in the country.
Prions have already been found in the muscles of mice, sheep, and human beings.
Half a dozen chubby sheep graze dreamily on the meadow.
Bad zombies, however, are allowed by law to mate only with sheep ticks.
Half the horses and cattle and three-quarters of the sheep on the island died.
To rally support, he distributed sheep to indigenous farmers and raised salaries for the army and bureaucracy.
Though keep in mind, these implants have only worked in sheep so far.
Archaeologists say they brought domesticated cattle and sheep with them, and engaged in rudimentary agriculture.
It's the only site in the region decorated with images of sheep, along with antelope and ibex.
The last people left this place behind nearly a century ago, but the sheep stayed.
They added cells from sheep discs, and let the cells grow over the scaffolds.
Pigs, sheep and horses have the same ability, but cats and dogs do not.
Lower down, nearer sea level, there are flocks of sheep and some goats.
Also on sale: preserved sharks, sheep brains and frogs.

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