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Included carrying case is basically a thin, flimsy sheath not suitable for transporting anything of value.
To charge up the light, you wiggle the weatherproof sealed plastic case out of its soft silicone sheath.
MS is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells.
Decorative tiles and marble sheath the counters and some walls.
The sheath takes its place alongside the company's other offerings, including a textured condom and one that glows in the dark.
Something which makes my sheath retract and my talons ooze.
They then tried to haul it aboard, unintentionally separating the tentacled head from the rubbery tail sheath.
The product is a patterned sheath you put over your regular hose.
The barb is covered with a sheath of toxin that is injected into a wound.
Some magnets begin to turn dark under the skin, suggesting the bio-neutral silicone sheath is failing.
Cavities in the roof of the fish's mouth sheath these natural daggers when they're not embedded in prey.
Those cells also make the protective myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers.
Where recovery remains elusive, revenues have not yet allowed governments to sheath their budget knives.
The source of the problem seems to have been the pulp used in older connections to sheath individual phone lines within the cable.
The prostate gland is roughly the size and shape of a walnut, and encased in a fibrous sheath called the capsule.
When a nerve is severed, both the axon and its supportive myelin sheath are damaged.
The fixed-blade version is new, and comes with a stiff nylon sheath whose flared opening is both ergonomic and cool-looking.
He drew out the nerve, cut it in two, and tucked the two ragged ends back into their sheath.
In rare cases when the patient's vision is at risk, the optic-nerve sheath is cut open to relieve pressure and preserve sight.
She headed off to her room to change into her pewter sheath and diamond-rope-necklace.
The royal opted for courtroom glam, showing off a polka-dot sheath dress and satin overcoat.
Another helped him spread a plastic sheath over the seats so that rain would not spot the upholstery.
The one with the spool of heavy fishing line and the knife sheath and the icon.
From this centriole an axial filament, surrounded by a sheath, runs backward through the body and tail.
Sometimes the descending branch of the hypoglossal nerve is contained within the sheath.

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