sheaf in a sentence

Example sentences for sheaf

There is a sheaf of scholarship on gender difference in conversational styles.
His customers are satisfied, judging by the sheaf of testimonials on his desk.
He took me to his home, where he opened a drawer and pulled out a sheaf of rice paper that had been stapled together.
She was wearing a down parka and gripping a sheaf of papers.
The school wrote a sheaf of laudatory case studies about the company.
Armed with a sheaf of architectural drawings, he is trying to figure out a way to shift.
Thirty seamstresses bent their heads over a sheaf of drawings, and the clock began ticking toward another deadline.
Instead there was a sheaf of other letters, on good-quality cream-colored paper.
She dropped a sheaf of mail on the table without a glance.
The left foot of the eagle shall grasp a sheaf of arrows, the right foot shall grasp an olive branch showing three red berries.
In the middle of the interior circle were a sheaf of wheat, and a bushel basket of what appears to be potatoes or apples.
At her left side stood a shovel, and in the foreground near her left leg appeared what might have been a sheaf of grain.
The design for the new flag was green and gold and included a sunset and a sheaf of wheat.
Note beard and nose are built from a farmer holding a sheaf of wheat and there is a chemist in the background.
There as a sheaf of such proposals awaiting us at our first meeting.
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